Updated resume available here.

education Bachelor of Arts in PhotoJournalism from the University of California at Santa Cruz.
employment Freelance web design and consultant
I am currently doing freelance web design as a both a graphic designer and interaction designer, as well as community consulting for clients like Lotus and Sony.
August '97 to present.
blogger Creative Director, Pyra, Blogger
I began working for Pyra Labs in March as a contractor, and eventually became the Creative Director for their many products, each of which required a unique identity: Blogger, Blog*Spot, Pyra, NewsBlogger, and more. In addition to the websites, I created consistent branding in letterhead, signage, business cards, stickers, and t-shirts. I managed other designers, worked with a team, and have the honor of saying I created the Blogger B.
May to August '00.
bitmagic Managing Editor, BitMagic
I moved to Amsterdam for a few months in '99 to work as the managing editor (and resident American) for a Dutch company called BitMagic. The product shipped out animated cartoons to members every night. I wrangled contributors, designed the website, and consulted on the design of the player. The company is now, sadly, offline.
April to August '99.
vivid, nike Art Director of nike.com, vivid studios
Working with vivid studios, I served as the Art Director for Nike's collection of websites (www.nike.com, basketball.nike.com, and futbol.nike.com). I directed two other designers as well as created my own designs, wrote visual specifications, and consulted in the direction of the site.
April to August '97.
minds Edge Tech Producer, electric minds
I was the producer of one of electric minds' biggest sections, Edge Tech. I worked with writers on a weekly posting schedule and managed a visual designer, as well as redesigned the section.
December '96 to April '97.
fray Creator, {fray}
I created the fray because it was the kind of website I always wanted to visit, but could never find: a place for personal storytelling, elegant design, and artful conversation. It's my labor of love, my pride and joy.
August '96 to present.
webmonkey Production Manager, HotWired's WebMonkey
I coordinated the production process, wrote html, debabelized images, and consulted on interface issues. I also wrote how-to columns about everything from tables to guestbooks.
July to December '96.
signal Assistant Production Manager, HotWired's Signal
I did daily web page production and design for the entire channel, including the popular Net Surf Central.
May to July '96.
tweak Founder and Creative Director, Tweak
I created the entire site from the ground up: mission, design, editorial ... everything. This was my first attempt at creating a web magazine, and it was very educational.
January to May '96.
netizen Assistant Production Manager, HotWired's The Netizen
I did daily web page production under extreme deadlines.
February to May '96.
hotwired Assistant Production Editor, HotWired
Web page quality assurance testing and production in a variety of browsers and platforms. I learned more about UNIX and emacs than any designer should know.
September '95 to February '96.
dive travel Web Site Designer, Dive Travel Magazine
I directed the transition of a print magazine to the web. I was in charge of the entire design and implementation.
May to August '95.
ucsc Computer Consultant, Arts Division, UC Santa Cruz
I kept all the art professors on speaking terms with their Macintoshes, helped manage a file server, web server, QuickMail server, and Ethernet networking.
June to September '95.