is for


Your sites never stop amazing me...perfect.


Man I stopped by your website, and couldnt stop from envy. It is just BEAUTIFUL. I am trying to build something for me, and I try to visit cool places to get some ideas of what I would like to do. But the more I go the more inadecuate I feel about building something for myself. I guess that is life, you win some, lose some. I will have to settle for something very basic and go from there. You must be very proud of what you can do and creative!!! I am deaf, and I thought that the alphabeth was something very original from you.

Best wishes,


Julian Jons

You are always right where you are supposed to be.

Ann Snowberger

Thanks for letting us see your site. I am learning from the Effective Web Design book. Thanks again.

Barbara McKeand

I usedta hate frames.

Then I fell through some of yours.

Now...I STILL hate frames.

(Well, sort of...)

But it's pretty incredible to see someone do something you end up loving so much using something you hate.

To me, that process - in one form or another - has always caused my mind to start expanding in some direction which nurtured my creativity.

And somehow, it only happens every few years or so.

Thank you for showing me more about web design than a year of surfing and expensive, pretentious books could show me.

- monde

Demi Monde

forgot to tell you......i am a vegetarian...I liked the stuff you wrote about Pigs without feet....

How much does a man need everyday? 60 gms protein, 300 gms Carbohydrates, 30 gms Fiber and some fat....

tejas pandya

never seen anything like this......


tejas pandya

let's say you only have one arm...a left arm. are the signs the same as for the guy with one right arm? do people read them as being backwards? hmmm....


hi derek. keep on keeping real so the rest of us have something to believe in.



Oh Derek...I love you (you hunk). One day we'll meet and I'll give you a big, sloppy kiss.



I just joined up with Fray! I just got to say this to you. There is regular good work that one comes by and then there is your work really personal really introspective and GREAT> Way to go mate! You are in the true sense a GURU!

Belive me I know I come from India and you are what the word means atleast to me!

See ya around


Pinaki RoyChowdhury

Great design. It's especially nice to see such creative use of frames.

Pete Theis

How do you create this interactive dealy-bob?

At least, where can I go to learn about how to do it...

Wubby (again)

These sites you have created are great... i really like the ?one with car stories?

nice goin!!!!!


Truly an inspirational site. I wish I knew of these sites sooner.

Ahead of your time my man!

Keep 'em comin!

Mark "Wubby" Wubbena

I can't believe it took me this long to discover this site. I should surf more often ;-) You're an inspiration, I tell you...INSPIRATION!


I'm still trying to figure out how all this fray, hotwired, powazek stuff is related but I am really liking what I am seeing and I am ashamed to say I even write webpages after seeing you and the others work.


happy b-day bro!!


happy birthday derek!



Derek, I was looking at Maggie's site, I assume you know her, she lists you in her "friends" section. So I perused on over to your site. VERY neat. I don't know where I've been but this site and Maggie's site are fab indeed. Thanks for the candy.

John R

wow. i used to think surfing would only cause wasted time and dead-end pages, but, happily, i was wrong. i'm sure you don't read your guest book too often, but i'll put some words of admiration here anyways. most inspiring! i can only hope that my future web projects will have such lucid overthought and a command of the medium that you do (not to mention good font and software resources!).

i wish you well and perhaps i will make it to SF someday, to see your city and possibly design new media on par with certain unnamed residents ;)



chris jensen

Fantastic sites. I like the kosher one best :) Now I know what does it means - web designing. Thank's for good lesoon.


Hi Derek,

Your homepage is very cool and the fray is a delight. Thank you for creating these beautiful places.



Dominic McDonald-Aveyard

I don't think there's anything left to say. I can only wish I had heard you sing! You blow me away, man...


I will whine on someone else's guestbook, now, and leave work in 15 minutes to run home, try to hold onto to the inspiration that I have gotten tonight from all of the wonderfully designed sites, and immediately log on and fire up Photoshop and try to bring some beauty, freshness, and innovative ideas (that's I've stolen from others) to my own site.

Thanks for the inspiration... and the space to rant...


P A S S I O N !!

And it's fantastic to see there is someone else out there in existence who has some!

Wow... what an extensive list of credits... and what a portfolio of work!

(Am I gushing? Well, probably, but I was pretty damn impressed.)

Your work is great, you are an inspiration to someone who is only just starting to scratch the surface of something so immense and imcomprehensible as the WWW... Gosh, what more can I say?

Thank you.


kylie rose

Derek- Great site. Not only is it creative, it's touches the soul. Keep up the good work.


Take us all HIGHER Derek!


I am just learning about all of this stuff. It seems you have a pretty good handle on it all! I really like the Fray! The people and their expressions are simply awesome! Keep up the great work!

Don Biggs


Your there! Do you work pro-bono I could use a man like you to change the world, make it safe for women to walk the streets without getting muged! Will be back soon! Mark aka: MANEman


Christ, do you ever get any negative comment? Than again, i won't make the change. just in love.

blessed be.


Can you give some advice to a person who is about to go into the web site development biz?

PS. that person is me, Adrian Jauk

I dig your page ~ thoughts!

hey derek, congrats on being hunk of the day! *chuckle*




Z is for Zipper....they are everybodies



Bruce Clement

about a year ago i discovered the Fray and thought it was one of the most interesting, well designed sites i had ever come across, something i could strive for! this week i discovered your homepage and was reminded all over again why i became obsessed with the web: clean, creative, inspiring designs. i just wish i can come as close to perfection as you have.

brigitte eaton

Oh great. Just when I think I'm starting to get to grips with web designing, I find you. Time to go back, PAST the drawing board, to the place where they DESIGNED the drawing board and cry.

I love your work, though.


Simply fantastic.

Reminds us all that quality does exist on the web.

Thanks Derek.


Matt Gorbet

This site is so creative! I love it!!



First of all, I want to congratulate you for this masterpiece of yours: THE FRAY.

The first time I heard about that Derek guy was through Some HTML material I found in Webmonkeyand then there was a link to the Fray.

I may "hate" you for being so good! I think you have made one of those unique sites we, webjunkies, fell in love with immediately.

I may simply close these statements by a warm hug. Keep up the good job!


I'm mainly posting this to find out if it goes at the top or the bottom of the list. If it goes at the top then I will give the site an A+. If it goes at the bottom then I will give it an A+. Anyway...

Jonathan S. Gilbert

Great home page!

natalie anderson

It's great!

I found 'The Fray' last night and It keeps me in front of display. Your works are the best of all website I've ever dropped. Please don't stop making your cool stuff.

Fusao Tamaki


Tom Hoferek

FIERCE! Carry on! There is intelligient life on this planet after all.

Carter Burnette

What a wonderful, imaginative, original

piece of work(art..)yoo've done. A swedish beginner bows her head in awe....


Seems like a simple name, jen, but the complexity that evolves around it seems tangled and distorted, confusing as it continues to float among levels beyond average beings. Not many desire to try. Will You?



In the words of a some disturbed little children in a small town from Colorado, "Kickass."

'Nuff said.

| nick |

I don't know if I should be excited or depressed. I suddenly feel very lame.

I suck.

He rules.

Somebody pull the trigger.

maggie osterberg


Great Site! Not many sites make me stop and read, and read, and read, . .



This is an excellent website. Job well done.

King of All

Do do this kind of thing is harder than it looks. I should know - I've given up on so many half-baked websites I've lost count. Way to go. Keep it fresh and make them think.

Frank Bailey

This is just amazing!!!

I'm too overwhelmed to write something witty!



I love the FRAY

your amazing how did you ever think of it? I hope you continue to show your talents to the world. and may your spirit fill with peace!!




You have a curious mind! Ever been to Ohio?



You are my hero.

Scott McDowell

Love the concept..Fray... as well as your page... haven't gotten through it all....but so far I like what I see, and read...

Big Hairy Geek? I think not....




i weave for you

the marvellous web

glow in the dark threads

all neon like

bjrk - all neon like

wolfram w

good, really really good

i hope making the fray makes you feel as good as it makes me feel when i read it

keep shining


matt sawkill

Derek, I loved your "tirbute" to your grandfather Ben. You are a very special person and I know that both your patents and grandparents are VERY PROUD of you. And so am I.

Shalom, jack

Jack Powazek

your portfoliio is amazing and inspiring; thanks for sharing some insight on the hows and whys. one question, if you'd like to settle an argument: on your homepage you have a sound from your sister Jenny. what is the sound? i think it's a voice slowed down electronically and my friend thinks it's a moped or something. if it is a voice, what does it say? have a great holiday season,

Jeremy and Len

jeremy zauder

Good to say what you said. That your music went somewhere. Physical law being what it is, everything has to go somewhere. Nothing goes nowhere, but there's no nothing here, so you don't have to worry about that.


Wow, your page is amazing. I've had fray bookmarked for a while, but never checked around the people's pages.. I wish I had long before this. I've thought about writing for fray, but I'm not really sure how to go about it.. do I just email you the story or does that fun little html have to be in there, too.. If you go check out my page, you can tell that I'm a newbie..

ok, I got off the topic here.. I really love your page..there.


Eh... Am I missing something here? Aren't fish animals (actually, I do seem to remember that fish are vertebrates and - yes - animals)? Aren't vegetarians supposed to NOT eat animals? Well, here's the panegyrical stuff: Yes, despite my critical opinions I love this site. I do!


"I'm the one who hides his medicine

watch him stop breathe

watching me


can't hardly breathe"

- Tricky.


Everything a web page should and could be, Loving the exploration...


Monster - Truck Kamio

Well done.

Clearly the product of sharp and innovative mind. It warms the heart.

john storey

Congratulations! I think it's one of the most creative homepages Ive seen in the web.

patricia madeira

Well done. And you're right---the music is in these pages. Keep writing.

Aida Baltazar

Great personal page...

I really enjoyed "Kvetch"

See ya' on the web!!!

Fernando Barbella

Is it OK if I download Your site and translate it to Swedish?

I'm in a rush to get the coolest site in this country...


Just when I thought I've seen it all, you blow my mind!

Outstanding site!


Brendan Gramer

You really have a great site. It really gives a person a feel for your personality. You are the BOMB! Love ya, Margy


Derek- I think you are a brave and creative pioneer.

Happy Trails!


slick*slick*slick page. i'm severely impressed. be well.



when i stumbled into the fray,

i could hardly believe what i was

seeing, reading, and feeling.

thank you.

kym banoczi

seeing sites like yours really gets the old inferiority complex going.


"And I graduated from college and went to work for hotwired and I was struck with this idea that the web could be used for art and meaning and self expression." - dmp



I am a chinese and I would like to say "l" that means cool!!!!


You are so creative i envy you!!!

I have deeply enjoyed exploring youre wed site!!! I am addicted. I can't go one day without at least looking at it.

I wish you the best of luck in lifes journey!!!!

Jamie Anderson

Please send addresses, menus, etc. of San Fran vegetarian restaurants. We need one (a good one) in Birmingham & I'm looking for ideas . . .

Should I include a couple of fish and egg items for vegans who wish to dine with carnivores?

Your site is like a big juicy watermelon on a summer day after many dark mornings of cold oatmeal.


You Are Amazing.

Great site....



I am also a vegetarian, and I loved what you had to say. It's really hard sometimes and people can really get to you, but people like you make it easier. Thanks

Meg or Synge

awesome site, very clean cut.

you come across as the kind of guy who'd sit at a cafe a lot and read Beat poetry

iNsAnItY's sLaVe

Wow!cool site......from japan!


I am digging on your layout. I found your page through Drue's, somehow.


your originality never ceases to amaze me...

danny wen

fray is a cool site


i cannot even believe this page. it is unfathomable. if i can even get to be half as wonderful as you are at making homepages, then i shall be happy. you can check out my site, though. :)

cailean shearer

Espectaculares pginas personales, pero esta es de las mejores que he visto en todo el web.

Te felicito amigo!

Camilo Rueda

there are a handful of sites that i have in my "favorites folder". welcome to it, derek! :) this is a site with such simplicity that it just amazes me. thank you for your patience and time -- especially in the fray! :) very nice -- i loved "a" ! :)

melissa lo

your fray website is wonderful.


you god you!

but seriously, it's nice. i mean, i've told you i want to have you do some work for us - so you should know i think you're the man. in case you've forgotten - you rule.

wine bar?

chris tacy

AMAZINING! No Wonder Everyone was pointin me to FRAY. This is definitely


Ailin C


Derek! How I adore you, and your style... :)

Kris Kendrick

I'm visiting your site upon my cousin Tom's recommendation. He tells me www.fray.com is his favorite web site. Quite a compliment coming from a great web creator in his own right. I'm sending this note from my boyfriend's laptop as I only have email access thru work. Wanted you to know I, too, am a fan of www.fray.com as well as a fan of your own page here. I am a lover of sign language. Why the alphabet?

emily hanson


Minimalism rocks. I would have
recommended a bright yellow for the
background, though... ;-)


And you're like a real person.


I have to admit, Derek, this is very good coffee!

Mark Tymowski


Caught you on The Site tonight and had to

check out Fray right away and found

myself in your pages....

Great concept and what a layout! I already

know I'll be up till all hours of the night

checking out Fray and the rest of the alphabet.

What I've seen so far is great, I'll be

back often.... keep it coming!



I found this place cuz of the
[The Fray]

po.WAH.zek is very impressive, or something. I admire him, Powazek. I hope my page some day gets as good as his page.

Charles Tillinghast

Way to go Derek! We think your home page

is terrific and very creative.


Powazek, L.

very nice

a blast from the past

can be meaningless

and fleeting

once again a great site


dileep rao

I hate to completely echo what others said, but...wow. This totally blew me away. And I thought I had, like, the only personal home page on the web that was well-designed. Wow. Now I'm all flustered. <g>

Lauren Kirby

cool page!!


I said it before. I guess I'll keep saying it.

I worship you as a dark god. *grin*



derek, you are a genius.


I wish I had thought of this.

fontaine elizabeth beadles

Flabbergasted! (spelling?)


This is so cool! Thanx for all the effort you put into your Website.

XO from another vegetarian

Gretchen Filek

the comment form is back up

play nice now


lovely site. it's nice to come across one that doesn't have a neon green background.


chris piazza

Congratulations! You sure do have a great Home Page. I'm vegetarian and I'm from Brazil, however, I live in Texas(go figure). Well, congrats again

Andreia Monteiro

Hello Derek, I wrote an e-mail to you from your old HotWired site many moons ago... Say, Augustish. I was listening to U2 and getting ready to move when I found that site.

Now I have moved back to my beginning and I am getting ready to VISIT the place I might move to next.

I came back to your site for something very specific. I came back to find the story titled "Tolerance" about your Dad. If you don't mind, I'd like to make a link to this story from the page I am making now. The link will be somewhere in the middle of the phrase,

"... to fight back philistine bourgeois with my liberal savvy..."

Don't get rid of that piece, Derek. It's one of the best. (Right up there with Drue's "Tonight")

Thanks.... Sara ....


(the above URL is still under heavy construction).

Hi, What's a nice jewish boy like you doing in a site like this ? :)

seriously now, I also left a note on fray - great sites, keep on the good work.


ori kushnir

I've never left comments here before? How rude!

My dear dear dear dear friend,

You never cease to amaze me with your talent and your true heart.

Say hi to Drue for me.

Alex Massie

W O W !!!!!

I just love it!


Heaven, I'm in heaven.....


Awesome personal site, Derek! Coming upon a creative site like yours in the midst of the ever-growing commerciality of the WWW is what makes idly surfing still a rewarding experience. Human expression from a random fellow being for its own sake! Way to go. I've bookmarked your site for future visits and to show web neophytes and doubters what potential lies in this (still) revolutionary medium.

Thanks for the pleasant surprise (and to Excite for the favorable review that pointed me here).

Cheers - Steve


once upon a time, i didn't even see you as a person, more of a legend...

talking to you over this past month or two has really helped me to shatter that idea. you are a person, a very talented, creative person, and i thank you for helping me see through the myth, into the reality...

m i c h a e l


Your web site is amazing!!! I am so impressed!!! I stumbled across it because I am writing a paper on bad teaching methods professors use and your article, "The Lecturer's New Clothes" is one of my sources. Your writing is incredible!!!

Kristina :-)

Kristina Voightmann

Imagine my surprise, Derek my old friend. I've stumbled across your site from out here in England. Do write, old boy.

Chris Arnold from a-dorm

hmmm...what do I say! Very ingenious!


I hear what you're saying, Derek (re: "a").

Gerry(Manacsa) and I were talking about exactly this the other day...we both paint and since coming onto the web, out creative juice seems to have been diverted here...to the detriment of art...(ick! dirty word! ;^}).

It is a very demanding master/mistress that leaves little energy or time for other creative pursuits...I wonder if the toll it is exacting is worth it?


What's happinin'? I stumbled on to your site looking for stuff on Digable Planets, and you got something fresh goin' on. I was wondering if you know what that band is up to nowadays, 'cuz they're my fave and i'd like to finally see them in concert. I live in North Cacka-lacka down south, but i'm not afraid to drive to catch up with them. I look forward to hearing from you. Peace!

Kevin Z

as he said in 'Young Frankenstein'

"Varr intristing!"


Mmmmm kinda strange. Looked for some good veggie tips but didn't find any. Oh well it was fun


What are you guys all talking about? This site SUCKS!

Andrew Baldock

Hey dude~

Nice job. Keep it coming.

Mike Sommers

Derek I say you on TV the other day. You are a God.. good luck


After hitting this VERY cool site I'm almost embarassed to give out my URL but fuck it....Click away!


cool, baby - realy cool.


this site is so good it's depressing. talk about communication. can i have your brain?


You have some great designs here Derek. Keep it up!


I have to say that if I only had a little piece of the inspiration that you do, I might consider myself a person that has actually thought about the experiences that I've had in my life. A lot of my friends have said that I am a deep thinker, or even profound at times. I never really understood them. I just felt that I was observant and analytical; ruled by logic, fueled by emotion and passion. Then I found one of your pages, and now I tell my friends that I understand what they mean. Please stay busy, so that some of us can actually continue to ponder what others consider pointless. (p.s. my home page sucks badly, don't bother to check it out - I am still learning HTML and I am not sure what I really want to put there in the long run.)


Hi Derek! Nice place you have here.

Brian Slesinsky

I'm always one step behind this dude.

(Except where UNIX is concerned :) Stay cool.

Jed Reynolds

I feel a little redundant saying this after reading the previous comments but...

yours is truly an exceptional site!


Hi, just learning to use computers finally, and happended to find you. Hope you are good. Liked to cover. See Ya.

Wendy White


William McGugan

I love the page. Really cool. quite amusing to see that I am not the only one who made a animated gif of my name in sign language!

I have seen the fray, it was really cool, i seen some of your other pages, I really like them. Could you please point me to a BAD page? So that I might stop thinking you're supernatural..;-)




style derek, style is rare, online and off.

Julian Palmer

Just when you think you have the best web site on the net...

some asshole genius comes along and proves you wrong...



Dustin Ashe

Communication both direct and graceful.

And passionate. Impressive . . .


Hey...good to see you in the "bodies" at minds...Good Luck!

P.S. Cool home page


Do you need a job?

Consuelo Ruybal

you rule.


Incredible use of not using things!

Ken Adams

a co-worker told me today..."minimalise your tools, get back to basics, and then you'll create something different." looks like you've done just that. great stuff!


Oh, man...



I just discovered something kinda cool.

If you hold the scroll-bar down on the left-side, the hands move like a 'flip book'.

Ya, I'm working on getting a life ;^}


holy holy, derek.



you should be damn proud of yourself derek. your designs are most cool. and most thought-provoking.


ponderous, man.......

really ponderous.


Beautiful work.

You've given us an exploratory interface to parts of your life. Very refreshing.


Right on, Derek.


Perhaps we should all have compulsory vacations so we could work on our own sites, then perhaps the web would have a much higher quality of page.

Though if it was compulsory, then we wouldn't want to work on pages, we'd all be out filming tv shows or something.


Love the concept, Derek...but God, man when do you sleep?