The Portfolio

As a child, I always liked coloring books. It's not that I liked coloring within the lines, it's that I liked having the structure to defy.

Now my coloring book is the World Wide Web and the lines are made of hyper text markup language. But it's the same old game. Push the limits. Make beautiful things with simple parts.

With that said, I'd like to introduce you to some of my favorite online design endeavors. They appear in descending order in time, with the most recent up top. Explore them - I learned more with each one.

{ I created the fray.
I never learn.

I'm a columnist! And again! And again!

I designed this story for GameSpot.

I designed HotWired's Fetish for a while.
These two are my favorites.

I also designed the Net Surf Central entries.

I created Tweak.

I took the photos and designed a story about Wired World.3 for HotWired. Before that, I put together a little something on a protest that happened here in San Francisco.

[divetrav] I created the original incarnation of Dive Travel Express for the folks at Dive Travel Magazine. Of course, it's been a while since then. It looks a lot different now.

My Senior Thesis Project, Derek's Virtual Gallery was an experiment in both design and idea. Plus it forced me to learn tables. [gallery]

[history] I was part of a team that created the Santa Cruz History Museum's first web site. This was back in the day when Netscape 1.1 had just come out. Ah, the memories.

For a more detailed account of my work history, please see my Resume