I am a Vegetarian
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I'd been working in the college dining hall all through high school, but this was the day when I put my tongs down. I went to go see my manager Neil. He was a tall, rail of a man, who spent a good part of his day doing strange things with his lips that I never could understand.
It was all very civil. I was about to say how I found the little feet repulsive and how could we, as caring providers of nourishment to hundreds of college students, possibly let these things near them?

I was going to suggest we remove them from the line if favor of, oh, some nice mixed veggies. I was going to say all of these things.
But when Neil saw me he glared down at me, way down at me, and growled, "Get back to work."
That's when the good ol' high school rebellion kicked in. I told him I wouldn't serve the ham hocks. He told me I would or I'd be fired. I told him to take the job and ... Lets just say I chose the latter option.
I was, as of right then, a vegetarian.
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The Vegetarian Story