I am a Vegetarian
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The next few days were bliss. I walked around chirping at the birds, meowing at the cats, mooing at McDonalds. There are few things in life more powerful than a high schooler pumped up on righteous indignation with a recent burst of rebellion under his belt.
My family looks back on those few days the way most people look back on a hangover – grumpy and cotton-mouthed. Like blind people who develop acute hearing, I found that after becoming a vegetarian, I had

certain new abilities. For example, I could now perfectly mimic the sounds of any animal that my family happened to be eating. Our family dinners became marked by how long it took my father to say: "Would you go moo in your room?"
My new lifestyle unleashed a deluge of awareness. Slowly, the facts fell in line with my gut feeling. Meat is not good for you. Did you know that the average man's chance of a heart attack is 50 percent? The chance for a man who consumes no meat? 15 percent.
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The Vegetarian Story