I am a Vegetarian
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My other favoriote statistic: 75 percent of all poultry inspectors said that they would not eat chicken. You have to wonder why that is.
I was riding on a natural high, on top of my own new world ... until my dad found out I'd been fired. If it's one thing that's worse than a high schooler pumped up on righteous indignation with a recent burst of rebellion under his belt, it's a father pumped up on monetary indignation who is removing his belt.

The next day, I called Neil. I could hear his lips doing really strange things over the phone. He was oddly happy to hear from me.
"Look, don't worry about a thing," he said. "Now I understand. Come back to work tomorrow."
He understands? He understands? He understands about the little footless pigs? He understands how we're all one with nature in this life form we call Earth? He understands how our dependence on red meat has led us to tear down
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The Vegetarian Story