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Wednesday, October 31, 2001

Check out Ru-Pumpkin. It's the only photo in the Halloween file!
* 5:46 PM

We just had our company Halloween party. My pumpkin won for Sexiest Pumpkin and Best Overall Pumpkin. I made Ru-Pumpkin, after Ru-paul. She had a wig, boa, huge make-up, a nose ring, little pumpkins for ears and boobs, one of my skanky tops, a skirt, fish-nets with stuffing in them, and high heeled shoes. So frickin cool! I'm not sure what the prize will be but BRING IT ON! Then, they announced the costume awards. I was bummed that I didn't get one....but one of the guys in my department just came up to me and said:

I can't believe you didn't get a prize!

and I said, Yeah, I know!

And he said Well, it's because they didn't have a Cutest category. You would have won that one.

I feel much better now.....I'll post some pictures later!
* 4:02 PM

Happy Halloween! I am sitting here at my desk, dressed like Little Red Riding Hood.....it's pretty funny. I'm finding it hard to work like this! hee hee hee

Have fun tonight....be safe....I have NO plans for the evening. I may just go home and hang out with my cousin.
* 9:03 AM

Monday, October 29, 2001

Pretty good weekend.....went to a couple parties....cleaned house....had a rehearsal. The weekend went by way to fast. Was awoken by an earthquake Sunday morning. That was scary. The news said yesterday that there is a one in seven chance that all of these little ones we are having are leading up to the "big one". Great....that is just what we need right now.

I had a dream last night....woke up crying. I dreamt that I was in New York.....I was walking around the city, on my lunch break.....and ended up walking down to ground zero....where the World Trade Center used to be. I suddenly fell to my knees and started sobbing......and sobbing.....and sobbing.....

and woke up sobbing. It's like I am still in mourning. It hits me out of nowhere. I guess my subconscious is still grieving.....definitely coming out in my dreams.
* 9:17 AM

Friday, October 26, 2001

such a stressful day....meetings, workshops, complicated cases......looking forward to going home. Work party tonight....should be fun.

Erin, you are in my thoughts.....I know you worked your ass off....I'm so glad you feel good about your performance. I'm sorry you weren't rewarded for your accomplishment! I love you lots and can't wait for you to come home. I miss you....and am thinking such wonderful thoughts for you.
* 5:37 PM

Thursday, October 25, 2001

off to work out......
* 6:02 PM

Had a great sushi dinner with Dad last night. It's this place down the street from my work in Pasadena called Sushi A-Float. Its got a big square bar and the chefs are in the middle.....and going around it are big boats that you can steal plates off of. And.....the best part....it's pretty inexpensive and VERY good! I was stoked to be able to show my Dad where I am working....for once, I felt like a grown-up. I even offered to pay the bill. But of course, you can't pay the bill on a dinner with Dad...unless it's for a birthday or something. Anyhoo.....that was really nice. Thanks, Dad!
* 11:26 AM

today sucks....
* 11:03 AM

* 9:05 AM

Wednesday, October 24, 2001

Buffy was amazing last night...did you see it? I don't know about you, but I cannot wait for Buffy, the Musical....November 6. It is going to be so campy...I love it.

Today, marks the one year anniversary of this site. I have learned so much in this past year. I am so happy to have had this opportunity to meet all of my online buddies. This has also been an incredible outlet for me......emotionally. Thank you, Derek for opeining up my eyes to the Web and for setting this all up for me. I definitely could not have done this without you! I am truly looking forward to making this an even more kick ass site in the coming year. Happy Anniversary!
* 10:18 AM

Tuesday, October 23, 2001

off to work out.....
* 6:49 PM

MY BLOG ANNIVERSARY IS TOMORROW!! I was just thinking about when I first started this ...... October 24th, tomorrow....wow....I'll elaborate on that more tomorrow.
* 5:26 PM

Life is so ironic....can't even elaborate more than that......
* 5:04 PM

Tuesday, Tuesday.....somehow, it just doesn't sound right....
* 11:08 AM

Monday, October 22, 2001

Look at this cool site my friend at work sent me. I really like the Dorothy, Scarecrow, and Lucy pumpkins!
* 4:22 PM

Empress of Cannibalistic Rituals to the Glory of Deep Throating, Jenn Powazek. Yeah, it shocked me too. That's what this said.
* 3:18 PM

I REALLY wanted tickets to Bjork's concert tonight at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion. I tried everything I could to get a hold of tickets....called everyone I knew. The only tickets I found were online for 300-700 dollars EACH!! Jesus, just because I have a job doesn't mean I have that much cash to spend on concert tickets! Please, if you or anyone you know is going.....give me the details of how it went. Fill me in so I can pretend I was there with you. Grrrrrr......I heard she's amazing in concert too. Anyone have extra tickets? EMAIL ME!!
* 2:02 PM

Sunday, October 21, 2001

The show was MUCH better last night. I was more focused and remembered all my lines, props, etc. Compared to Friday night's performance, last night was an A+. Thank goodness because Davis Gaines was in the audience. He is very nice....met him and his friends after the show. They said I was a "ball of energy" and was "so much fun to watch". That's pretty good I think. Then, Davis said, "I heard you were close to getting the lead in Mamma Mia." Grrrrrr....."yes", I smiled...."but instead, I get to do this show and be close to my friends and family!" So much better than getting the lead in a broadway show, right? Plus, I get to enjoy the warmer winters here! NO SNOW!

Anyhoo- So, I found a pair of capri pants in my closet that looked really cute/flattering with a bright turquoise tank top. I brought them to the theatre with me Friday night to see if I could wear that instead of the fat skirt! It was approved so, I felt better about how I looked. But, did I mention that my zipper was down in the back of my pants for two whole scenes on Friday night? I was doing one of my big quick changes and the guy who was helping me was trying to zip up my pants (the zipper goes up the back of the pants) while I was putting on my shoes. Not a good idea.....so, my zipper broke and on stage I went....with my butt exposed. That was in the beginning of the show. I think that's why I vocally sucked....because my mind was on the possibility of my pants falling off. Thank goodness, Saturday night my zipper worked ok. It was pretty funny....yet hard to dance with your zipper down!

Also, I let Paul take my clothes home to wash Friday night. That was a BIG mistake. I should have taken them myself. I took my tights home, washed them in the sink Friday night so they were dry by Saturday night. Well, Paul was too tired Friday night, so he washed my clothes by hand Saturday morning. Guess who wore wet clothes Saturday night. Grrrrrr....I was irritated. I knew I should have just done it myself. Ah well.....too late to bitch about now.

Did laundry today and then met Mom and Joel for lunch. That was good.....relaxing. I got to see my Shayna puppy. You know, she's much cuter when you're not living with her. She was happy to see me. I want a puppy.....so bad! I can't wait to get a house...someday. I just would never get a puppy living here in this apartment. It's a big apartment and all but no backyard. That is sad.....a lot of people in this complex have puppies. I guess they just pee out on the patio...GROSS! I'll wait until I get a house. Until then, I'll have puppy envy......I'll have to visit everyone that has puppies and get my fill. I'm off to bed.....have to be at work bright and early tomorrow.
* 9:39 PM

Saturday, October 20, 2001

Thought for the day....."How to argue should not be discussed during an argument." discuss.....
* 2:54 PM

One of the supervisors just brought us in BEER to work. I knew I'd like working here!! Nothin like a Sam Adams while you are WORKING!!
* 2:35 PM

The show last night sucked. I sucked in the show..... Ok, yes, I am a perfectionist.....but I made some of thee stupidist mistakes. Was not happy with my performance. It didn't help that the audience was pretty small and pretty frickin quiet. Man, it was like pulling teeth! Some things went really well but overall, I was pretty unhappy with the show. Oh well, I have another one tonight. Hopefully it will be better. Davis Gaines is coming to see the show tonight. Oooooh.....whatever.

Last night, after the show, I went with some of the tech guys and the director and choreographer to TGI Fridays. I was good....had a salad.....and a big ole Ultimate Mudslide. YUMMY......those things are like alcoholic milk shakes. I got home pretty late....and now I'm at work...making up hours that I missed yesterday. Am I nuts? It's Saturday!! I'm only gonna work maybe 5 hours. Give me some time to get home, relax, and get ready for the show tonight. This weekend sucks. It's barely a weekend.
* 11:36 AM

Thursday, October 18, 2001

off to work out in a bit.....then home to veg out. No work tomorrow! I've got rehearsal all day at the theatre....Palos Verdes Performing Arts Center...and then a performance in the evening. I'm pooped. I need to turn up some tunes and get on the tread mill. Erin and I hit the Cheesecake Factory last night. I had a big ole salad.....and then started thinking about that guy in the elevator....I grew angry...very angry.....so I had a piece of cheesecake. I split half of a half with Erin.....and then ate the other half for breakfast this morning! *smile* That elevator guy really screwed me up! Curse the elevator man!
* 6:35 PM

Happy Birthday, Cristen!! You know, 23 is a good age to be.....it just happens to be my lucky number. Have a wonderful day!
* 9:34 AM

Wednesday, October 17, 2001

Cristen, e-mailed me with the scoop on Molly Ringwald. I about peed in my pants.....it made me laugh so hard. She said her voice is ok, but she tends to go flat a lot. But that wasn't the funny part. She said she looks bug-eyed....kind of stares at the other actors with not a whole lot going on inside. But, if I remember correctly, in all of her movies....she is pretty bland...and always looks like she is a deer caught in the headlights. I couldn't imagine her in a musical. It's funny to see tv personalities on stage. It's so different.....tv people make their movements both physical and emotional, very small. Of course, because the cameras pick every little blink you make. Where on stage, everything must be much bigger to be read from the audience. That's why most tv folk look kinda bored on stage. I'm sure they're really acting, you just can't see it from your 30 dollar seats! Anyhoo, thank you Cristen for the scoop. You'll have to e-mail me if you see Joey Mcyntre in tick, tick....Boom. I'm dying to know how horrible he is!
* 5:56 PM

How do random people know you are having a "fat day"? Seriously! I took a half hour lunch today to go look for a skirt for my show. The one they have me in makes me look......well.....simply put.....FAT! Ok? There I said it....I look bottom heavy....unproportionate....like I've eaten way too many Jack In the Box tacos. So, I told them I wanted a new skirt. For the first show, I had a cute emerald green dress, but they said it didn't look right in the lighting. Now, they've got me in this light blue skirt with dark blue polka dots all over it. Nice.....plus, it's a medium...and I wear a small. Grrrr.... I wear it with this dark blue, tight shirt with a big ole light blue flower on it. Again, nice.... it totally cuts me off....makes me look choppy. When you've got a 5'1" girl, you don't put her in two pieces of contrasting colors. It cuts you up instead of giving you a nice line. Come on!! Last night at rehearsal, they told me if I wanted a new skirt, I would have to go find one and get it and they would reimburse me if they liked it. What? Did I pay 900 bucks to be in the union for this? I'm sorry, but that is not my responsibility as an actor, to supply my costume, or to be in charge of finding one and buying it.....JUST as it is not my responsibility to choreograph the show! I wear a size small...how difficult is that? You go buy the freakin skirt!

Anyhoo- so I went shopping on my very brief lunch break and found NOTHING. Of course, because it is almost fall and no one is selling flowy skirts anymore.

On my way back to the office, I stopped into 21Choices to get an EXTRA SMALL, NON-FAT, chocolate and vanilla swirl yogurt. No big thing, right? So, I'm in the elevator with some JERK...I'm sorry, with some man.....and he looks at my EXTRA SMALL yogurt and says, "Better watch out- you're gonna get fat!" Oh my gosh. Are you kidding me? I didn't say anything, I just glared at him and then exited the elevator. I was afraid of what would come out of my mouth had I opened it. It could have been problematic. As I walked to my desk, I thought......wah, how did he know I was having a fat day? And then I thought......fuck you!
* 3:28 PM

Look....I wasn't making it up! This is the production of Happy Days that I couldn't do.....because I didn't get cast in it! *hee hee hee* I did have 4 call backs for it though!
* 8:58 AM

Tuesday, October 16, 2001

Y'all see Buffy tonight? I taped it since I was at rehearsal. I'm going to wash up, put on my pj's, get in bed and watch the tape. Overture.com wants us to put in 2 hours of overtime per day!! Yah- I was like, and when would you like me to eat and sleep? hee hee hee. So, I'm goin in early tomorrow, working out, and then staying late. But, I will be home in time for Felicity!

* 11:06 PM

Rehearsal tonight was ok. Kind of rushed. We just basically reviewed the show...added some different choreography. The thing that irritates me about this show is it's totally unorganized. We show up at the rehearsal, ready to work, with our appropriate shoes, lines memorized, etc. The choreographer, who is also in the show, comes to rehearsal and wants to add new stuff but doesn't have anything prepared. So we waste a lot of time trying to all create something together. Then, you've got me, Bubba, Michael, and Murphy.....all of us have totally different ideas, styles, and ways of working. All of us are trying to throw something together, quickly....and then feelings end up getting hurt because no one is really listening to the other's ideas. Our common goal is to get the frickin number completed.....of course....but when you don't have a leader, everyone tries to be one. It just doesn't work. And all I was doing was getting frustrated. I had worked a 9 hour day at Overture.com (which I am loving by the way) but was pooped. I hadn't eaten dinner so my blood sugar level was a bit low. And all I could think of is......I'm doing my job by being here and ready to work.....why didn't you do your job preparing this material, having it ready, coming in and just teaching it to us.....Boom, that would've taken 5-10 minutes instead of an hour. So, what you are left with at a 7-9 rehearsal, is one hour to run the entire show. Hmmmmm.....bitter. Don't get me wrong, I love the choreographer, who is also in the show. She is amazing. And I love the director, my cousin. But come on....it's your job to have your shit together....not ours.

Ok, thank you for letting me vent!
* 11:04 PM

I just got an email from phome.com saying someone nominated my website to be one of the top 100 websites. No frickin way! Heather is on the list too. Oh my gosh, to be in a group with people like her and Halcyon and BWG is so huge....just to be considered. Apparently, they are going to review my site within the next month and then let me know if I will be in the top 100 list. That is amazing. Here is the site if you want to check it out. Whoever nominated me, YOU ROCK!! And anyone else who wants to nominate me, feel free to do it on phome.com. *smile*
* 10:54 PM

off to rehearsal.....
* 5:57 PM

Overture.com's stocks have gone up 5% since I joined. Man, I'm working hard! hee hee hee. I must be doing SOMETHING right!
* 11:21 AM

Molly Ringwald in Tick, Tick...BOOM and now Joey McIntyre is going into the company? OY....broadway, you are so disappointing me. Anyone seen Molly in the show? If you have, e-mail me with your thoughts. I'm curious how she is......can she even sing? I heard she did Annie when she was a little kid but COME ON....haven't we all done Annie when we were kids? I did. Anyhoo- I've been listening to the cd and couldn't imagine Molly Ringwald singing that role! You know who would be good ......Sherie Rene Scott! She would sound amazing on the Come To Your Senses song. Hmmm...what's the scoop on her? Is she back in Aida?
* 11:13 AM

I got my dental insurance card today!! Woo-hoo!
* 11:00 AM

Monday, October 15, 2001

Off to work out....and then dinner with Tami! Happy Monday!
* 5:58 PM

Sunday, October 14, 2001

Happy Birthday, Erin!! Erin Higgins, my best friend from the first grade! She is amazing. I hope you had a wonderful day and I can't wait to catch up with you later this week!
* 10:17 PM

Ever have moments of complete clarity? I had one this weekend. I was driving at night on the freeway. I was down by the beach so there was a bunch of pretty dense fog. There I was...... gliding through it.... thinking about my life......feeling content...for the first time in a really long time. It was amazing. I felt as if I was almost flying through the clouds. No, I wasn't on any drugs or anything. But I was thinking about drugs..... in a positive way. For those of you that have been reading my site for a while, you know that I went through a pretty dark period at the beginning of this year. I was so lost.... so confused.... so unclear.... and so scared of everything. Scared of the future.... scared of my heart racing....scared of being out of control... I was doing some major soul searching. Ended up in therapy and on medication for a while. Some may see that as a sign of weakness..... but I saw it as a way of gaining strength.... as an instrument used to find my way out of the uncertainty.

......and driving through that fog last night, I had a catharsis. I've been off of the medication for almost a month now. I have a kick ass job. I am doing a show in my spare time. I have amazing friends and family that surround me. I am healthy and doing ok financially. I love my apartment and my roommate, who just happens to be my cousin. Things are going well between Jon and I. My mind remains positive even though there is so much negativity and hatred surrounding all of us. Yes, I still question things. Yes, I have times of despair and angst. Yes, I sometimes want what I can't have. But all in all, I am HAPPY...... and thankful..... and grateful.... and appreciative.... and clear. AMEN.
* 10:13 PM

Friday, October 12, 2001

Almost done with my first full week at Overture.com. Yahoo! So far, I am really liking it here. The staff is incredibly helpful and very cool! I even completed four of my own cases today. I'm feeling pretty good about that! Only an hour and a half left.
* 4:35 PM

Just in on Broadwaystars.com:

"Elizabeth Berkley as Velma in Chicago? For the upcoming holidays"??

Are you kidding me? That is hysterical. Maybe she could use some of her Showgirls material in it!!
* 12:39 PM

Prayers for Tali's mom.....just found out she was diagnosed with second stage coronary heart disease! Very scary. We're waiting for more test results. Please keep her in your thoughts....thank you.
* 11:29 AM

I figured out who my cds came from.....James, my buddy from Broadwaystars.com!! How completely awesome is that? I would have known that if I'd clearly looked at the receipt. Duh! James, I've never met you but you are definitely on my favorite list. Thank you so much for the cds. I've wanted them forever. YOU ROCK!
* 11:14 AM

Thursday, October 11, 2001

10 more minutes of work left.....and then time to workout!
* 5:52 PM

Who called us yesterday at 4:30 in the morning? Whoever it was....that wasn't very nice! You sucky-poo!
* 5:13 PM

Erin met me for lunch today. We had some cheap, yummy veggie burritos. It was so nice. I think the world of her.....I feel so blessed not only that she is family, but that she is one of my closest friends and my roommate. We really live very well together. It's turning out to be a great situation. You should see our place too. We've really fixed it up nicely!
* 5:13 PM

Which Friend are you? This is funny.... Apparently I am most like Ross. This is what it told me:

The puppy-dog eyes are just the beginning. Your Ross-like, brainy, charm can be devastatingly lovable. And like a certain unlucky-in-love paleontologist, you don't even know it! You do deserve some sympathy though, because, hey, it's hard not to come off as a know-it-all when you really do know it all. But there's more to your Ross-iness than what's stored in your head.

On the whole, people can see through whatever slight insecurities you may have because they just can't conceal your ultra-sweet nature, and deep-rooted, romantic, old-fashioned values. Oh yeah, and the monkey likes you best!

Which friend are you?
* 4:52 PM

OK, the cd's I got did not come from my friend James. I just confirmed with him. So, the cd's are either from James, Jon's brother, or someone I don't know. Hmmmmm.....if they are from you....please, reveal yourself! Come forward. Get some warm fuzzy credit!

Sorry for the incorrect assumption, James. I still love you.
* 12:12 PM

Thanks to all who are signing my guestbook.....I love knowing who is checking out my site! Feel free to stop by and introduce yourself.
* 9:56 AM

My friend, James is SO COOL! I got two cd's in the mail yesterday that I've been wanting for a long time. Tick, Tick, Boom and Urinetown. They are two new musicals that are playing in New York. I was hoping to see them before I left town, but everything got so hectic.....I ran out of time.

Tick, Tick, Boom was written by Jonathan Larson....writer of Rent. He wrote Tick before Rent .....but after he died, they decided to produce Tick. Kind of strange....not sure Jonathan would have wanted that.....I think his father made that decision. Either way, Tick sounds A LOT like Rent. This isn't necessarily a bad thing. I think In Trousers sounds just like Falsettos, which sounds just like A New Brain. But, that doesn't matter to me at all because I LOVE all of them equally. William Finn just happens to write material that has the same feel to it. Jonathan Larson was the same way.

Amy Spanger plays the lead woman in Tick. I saw her in Kiss Me Kate on Broadway last year and did NOT like her. From just listening to the cd of Tick, she sounds much better than she did in Kiss Me Kate. I think Jonathan Larson's music just fits her voice better......although, she still pushes too much. Just my opinion, of course. The other male leads sound pretty good. I only listened to it on the way to work this morning so, I need to give it more time to sink in. I'll listen to it while I'm working out after work!

So far, Urinetown sounds like a farced Les Miserables. This one too, I've only listened to briefly. I do like the song Listen to Your Heart. That woman rocks...

Thank you, James!

And, thank you Heather for my new books. She sent me the Rebecca Wells books....The Divine Secrets of Ya-Ya Sisterhood and Little Alters Everywhere. I've heard from everyone that they are amazing. I have the first one here at work with me to read at lunch time. THANK YOU!! You rock too!

I have so much to say....yet I've forgotten it all! I'll write more in a bit!

Oh....did you see Felicity and Dawson's last night! Oh my goodness.....I about had a heart attack. They were amazing. I am so happy Felicity hooked up with Noel. He's always been my favorite. I never liked Ben.

Also, think good flying thoughts today. My Dad, Step-Mom-Barb, Step-Brother-Jon, and Step-Sister-in-law-Laura, are all flying to Michigan today. My prayers and good vibes are out there.

* 9:54 AM

Wednesday, October 10, 2001

Did I happen to mention that I wore overalls and tennis shoes to work yesterday? AND I worked out for 45 minutes in our gym here? I LOVE my new job!
* 3:01 PM

Tuesday, October 09, 2001

My counter has hit the 10,000 spot. That is so exciting! If you haven't signed my guestbook yet, please take a moment to introduce yourself!
* 2:17 PM

Monday, October 08, 2001

I've added a search box on the left handside. My new job is working for Overture.com, formerly Goto.com. They just changed their name yesterday. Feel free to use it from my site. It works really well. I'm loving it here. My first day went great. There is sooo much new info to learn....but the woman who is training me is awesome!

My birthday party last night was a lot of fun. It was a little difficult to get up this morning.....but I was so excited to come in here....my adrenaline kept me awake. AND....guess what....first of all, my parking space this morning was 223. (23 being my lucky number right?) and, I got a 20 dollar bill that has 23 written on it when I got money out of the bank!!!! I NEVER spend bills that have 23's written on them. Can you even believe that? WOW....things really are lookin up!
* 5:59 PM

Sunday, October 07, 2001


Just got home from my show. It went pretty well. I feel good about my performance. Other than I dropped my cane in the finale and I forgot to bring one of my props on in one of the scenes. Ah well....nothing too huge! I remembered all of my lines, thank goodness! My mom and Joel were there.....and Erin and her friend Josh came. I was so thankful to have their support there.

Now I'm eatin some Mac-n-cheese and sippin a beer! Couldn't get any better than this.....although it does. I start my new job on Monday! How about them apples?

Thank you for all of your birthday wishes. I wish you could all be here for my BBQ....maybe next year! You are all here in spirit and so very close to my heart! *smile*
* 12:05 AM

Friday, October 05, 2001

Rehearsal all day today......yawn. I'm pooped. We have a show tomorrow night in Lancaster. My mom is coming to see the show....I hope it is good. I didn't feel so great after the rehearsal today. I kept screwing up two of my monologues.....and it totally pissed me off because I worked on them with Erin last night and they were great! Memorized and everything. And tonight, I kept mixing them up. Grrrrrr.....frustration! Ah well, I will look them over a bit before I snooze away tonight.

Mamma Mia's first preview is tonight on Broadway. Check it out, that girl totally looks like me! That is the part I was in the final callbacks for. As much as I wanted to get that show....and as bummed as I was when I didn't get it.....I am SO happy that I am not in New York right now. If I had gotten the show, chances are I would have still been working at Merrill Lynch in the World Trade Center. Oh my gosh. So, happy opening night to those of you in Mamma Mia. I hope it is amazing. It probably would have been MORE amazing had I been in it (hee hee hee), but I bless you for not giving that role to me.....I am thankful that my insides were telling me to move back to LA. I am much happier here.

I'll take lots of pictures at the show and try to post some of them. Happy Friday everyone. I hope you have a great weekend. I am really looking forward to my birthday and to starting my new job on Monday! HOT DOG!!

* 10:39 PM

Thursday, October 04, 2001

Ok, how come no one bought me the computer yet from my amazon.com wishlist? hee hee hee. I'm just kidding.
* 9:47 AM

Great News! I got the job at Goto.com!!! I am so friggin excited. I start on Monday. I'm tellin you, that is thee best birthday present I could have gotten! Things are looking up.......

* 12:03 AM

Tuesday, October 02, 2001

* 9:35 AM

Good morning, good morning.....dead pigeon on my porch...good morning, good morning to you! (sung Singin in the Rain style)
* 9:35 AM

Monday, October 01, 2001

Talked to Janet at Goto.com today. She said she and Angelo (the big boss) were both very pleased with my interviews and test scores. They are moving forward in the process now and would be checking on my referrences! YIPPEE! So, I got an email from Heather Booth. I used to work for her at Chancellor Marketing. She said Janet contacted her today and she gave me a GLOWING review! Woo hoo! Bring on the job.....please!

So, Janet said I should know something tomorrow! PLEASE, say your prayers, keep your fingers crossed, and send me some big daddy vibes! Thank you mucho!
* 10:24 PM