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Saturday, September 28, 2002

I'm supposed to be off at 4:00 but the systems took a dump at 3:00 and haven't come back up yet. I have some work that I HAVE to get done today.... so, I guess I will just hang out until the system comes back up. Who knows how long that will be. I will wait another half hour or so...... this is so frustrating.
* 4:07 PM

Check this out. My brother is so famous!
* 8:52 AM

I have been at work this morning for a little over an hour and have had ONE phone call. Seriously. I really am unsure why they need support on a Saturday when it is so slow. I am sitting here, watching morning cartoons on mute and listening to Showtunes on spiner.com. No one is here in my office... in fact, there is only one other person on this floor and he is a couple doors down. So, I can sing along to my music.... or go back to sleep. Hmmmm.. that sounds good. I think I'll curl up on the floor and take a little snooze......
* 8:13 AM

Ok- for all of you who have been asking me, here is a small birthday list:

** Buffy, the x-box game
** Austin Powers I, II, and III DVDs
** Any Jim Carrey DVDs (particularly Liar Liar or Ace Ventura)
** Gift certificate to: Best Buy, GAP, Target, Old Navy
** One hour massage at The Massage Company in Sherman Oaks
** a laptop (I can dream can't I?)
** Character Band-aids (for those who know me, I collect Band-aids.....it's odd, I know)
** Tickets to see The Lion King
** Toy Story I and II on DVD
** Any Michael Parkes posters (I already have The Mask)
** FLOWERS (what girl doesn't enjoy getting flowers?)

Ok, that's all I can think of for now.... maybe I will add some more later!
* 8:05 AM

Tuesday, September 24, 2002

Going home.... driving slowly, or at least the speed limit..... working out.... and creating a birthday list for those of you who like buying gifts! *smile*
* 3:53 PM

P.S. Saw Barbershop this weekend..... definitely NOT worth the $8.75. It was pretty boring... had some good one liners but that's about it. It's definitely a rental.
* 9:50 AM

Not having a good day. On my way to work this morning, I got a FRICKIN speeding ticket. I am so irritated. This is what happened. I was driving on a city street where the speed is 35 miles per hour. I was driving behind a truck of gardeners that was going 20 miles an hour, with shit flying out of the bed. Being that I have a new car and didn't want to get hit with a flying tree branch AND I hadn't had my coffee this morning, I had a moment of road rage and sped around this truck, using my blinker of course. As I was passing in front of the bastard truck, briefly speeding (yes, I admit I was speeding), I got caught on radar by a sneaky motorcycle cop hiding in a side street. He immediately got behind me with his frickin flashing lights. I tried to pull over but of course, it was a no-stopping zone, so I looked like an idiot. I took a right at the next side street. I was fully confident that I would be able to talk my way out of it.... being that I was simply trying to pass a slow moving vehicle... which is also against the law, right? I explained my situation..... told him I was on my way to work..... I have a good driving record, etc.

That was when he said, "I'm going to need to see your license and registration."


He disappeared back to his bike to write my ASS CRAP ticket. When he returned, he had me sign it. He handed me my license and registration back and said, "Drive safely now."

I didn't say anything. I just sat there.... glaring at him.

What I wanted to say was something like "I'm so glad I could help you meet your quota this morning." Or maybe just "Thank you for ruining my day".

I was feeling so good this morning. I had a good weekend.....did some shopping..... have on new jeans and a shirt from Banana Republic.... feeling cute.... and then BAM, Mr. Dollar (yes, that is the cop's name) puts a spank on my day. So, now.... having my cup of coffee and trying to get rid of my dirty diaper attitude.

If you have anything to say that may brighten my day, please feel free to e-mail or IM me. I'm jennpowazek on AOL and jennyanydot on MSN.
* 8:27 AM

Sunday, September 22, 2002

Having a good time in San Diego. Went to a bar.... had a drink and a shot... feeling pretty silly... having a hard time typing... must go nap.
* 4:32 PM

Friday, September 20, 2002

Leaving work..... HELL YEAH!
* 3:59 PM

Did I mention that the countdown has begun for my birthday? 16 shopping days left!
* 1:49 PM

Ok- this has been the most stressful week ever. It was a combination of new "system enhancements" at work that bascially screwed up our existing systems, cranky clients, atoning atoning and more atoning, long ass meetings that you walk out of thinking "hmmmm..... now I'm even more confused", and annoying co-workers. Yes, this week, work has sucked the big one.

I keep thinking, maybe I should get my teaching credential and start teaching......maybe at a Performing Arts school. Or, maybe I should go back to auditioning and performing.

I don't really think I'm ready to make any drastic changes but I'm certainly keeping my eyes and ears open for jobs in the Entertainment field. I think I like the people I work with a lot better than the job itself.

I'm seriously looking forward to the weekend. I wish it started this evening, but I have to work tomorrow. DRATS. At least Saturdays are pretty slow here.... not too stressful. I just need to go down to the beach, sink my feet in the sand, listen to the waves crash, and soak up some sun. That sounds perfect.
* 1:44 PM

Wednesday, September 11, 2002

Remembering....having a hard day....I'm sure we all are. I am incredibly teary, weepy....keep crying. Today will be a difficult day to get through.....

deep breaths.....
* 7:04 AM

Monday, September 09, 2002

Did anyone watch Law and Order last night? The episode really tripped me out. It was about this woman who supposedly was taking care of this sick little girl. The little girl "Erica" wrote a book, wrote e-mails, and sometimes spoke on the phone, but was never seen in person. People were filled with her positive attitude and words of wisdom. No one ever doubted that she truly existed...... untill someone was killed.

Those of you who have been reading my site since the New York days knows that I went through a similar situation. I found a web site of a little girl named "Kaycee". She had cancer and was always going through treatments and hardships yet she remained so positive... had so much courage. I really admired that. I thought being in New York without any of my family was courageous and hard in the same way so I felt a bond with her. At that time, I also was in need and would have found a bond with the neighbor's dog!

From the World Trade Center, North Tower, I used to e-mail Kaycee to tell her to be strong and continue fighting the cancer. I never once sent her money.... but I did buy her a card. She even e-mailed me back saying:

Wow ;-) Thanks Jenny

I hope our days are always filled w/ the *beautiful days*
I have a ways to go...but I'm still smiling

sending love and sunshine your way.
kaycee ;-)

I read her site every morning. I was devastated to come in one morning and read that she had died. No, I had never met her but I was really involved in her life. I thought about her all of the time. In fact, when I thought my life was difficult, I knew that she was having a more difficult time.

I was even more devastated when my brother called me and told me that Kaycee never existed. She was created by her "mother". I remember, he called me as I was walking home from the subway. I was in a good mood... it was a gorgeous day in New York... and when Derek told me what he had found out, I stopped dead in my tracks and told him he was wrong.... that there was no way she wasn't real. Did I have any proof? Of course not... I only had my feelings from an e-mail relationship I had had with some young girl with cancer.... who I could have sworn existed.

Law and Order last night was based on that case. I hadn't thought of the Kaycee incident in such a long time. I went into my old files and pulled out the pages and pages of documents I had printed out from the explanation from Halcyon, http://bigwhiteguy.com/mess.shtml who happened to be a friend of hers. But guess what, he was conned too. I read through the MSNBC report, the New York Times report, and more which all talked about this "fraud", this "hoax". When interviewed, the woman who created her said "she had not intended to hurt anyone". She is a sick woman.

If you want, you can read my initial reactions in my archives from May of 2001.

On a lighter note, I have the day off today! Yippee... I'm going to work out, clean my house, and then lay out by the pool. I hope all is well wherever you are..... stay strong. September 11 anniversary is approaching. It will be a difficult day for everyone. Take a moment to hug your friends, lovers, family.... there's no better time like the present!

* 8:09 AM