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I can neither confirm nor deny any prior knowledge of or association with the contents of this gif animation.

For those of you who went to sxsw, I've been adding links to the end page like crazy. Lemme know if you've got one, too.

It's nice to see Adam tending his garden, weeds or not.


Cancel credit cards ... apply for new license ... smile for the camera ... try to respond to email ... look out over the ocean and try to remember her as she was before ... shop and shop and shop for a new wallet but they all suck ... a dozen red roses at my door ... must plan Chicago talk ... must do my laundry ... still haven't unpacked ... damn it's pretty outside ... they'll pick me up at the airport ... how long till you arrive...? You know, I think I like the cryptic posts the best....

"For et alternativt kig på weblogs kan du læse powazek's rant om hvad mon meningen med weblogs er."

Overheard in my apartment: "But I like frames...."


The secret of popularity: always hang out with kids cooler than you.

An old friend of mine has started his own weblog. Andrew knows more about music and macs than anyone should. Watch his space.

I love Ben Brown's t-shirt.

I'm okay, mom. Really.


Top 5 things I did in Florida:

  1. Lost my wallet.
  2. Had long talks with my sister and mother.
  3. Redesigned on my laptop (soon).
  4. Remembered why I am who I am.
  5. Held my grandma's hand and told her I loved her one last time before she died.

(Please, just this once, don't send any mail. I don't want it right now. Thanks.)


I'm beginning to think maybe I should start keeping track of my air miles. Today I'm off to Florida for an unscheduled family visit. It's not exactly a fun trip - my grandmother is in the hospital. She's also the toughest old lady I know, so I'm not letting myself get too worried. Still, the family is gathering, so on a plane I go. Think healthy thoughts for us. And, hey, just how long has it been since you called your grandma?


I contributed to Heather's mirror project. Dishes make me grumpy.

Remember homepages? I do.

Stalker's delight! Witness: the Megcam!


Hello, Spring. I've been waiting for you.

My sxsw photos are finally online. Why do these things always take twice as much time as they should?

Keith is good with plants.

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