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weblogs that aren't weblogs
whatever the hell a weblog is, anyway


Not a blog, a journal! Lane Becker tells great stories, thinks smart thoughts, and rants funny rants.


Not a blog, a zine! Prehensile has gone daily. Count on it for your smutty link needs.


Not a blog, a, uh, page! Don't call it a weblog. Don Bruns is just making his life easier, that's all.


Not a blog, a tool! Blogger just rocks. If you want to start your own blog, start here. And if you just wanna surf, check out the links in the "recently updated" and "blog of the week" boxes. Great shit in there.

I hate weblogs*
but these are the ones I go to anyway


Cam has been pointing at the best (and worst) of the web since before anyone called it a fucking "blog." Cam gets it.


Jason is a smart, well-spoken, kickass designer who has a way of making everyday things seem personal.


Meg shares her life as much as her links, which is why I keep coming back.


Caz serves up daily dishes of links from across the pond. Check it out for the Euro angle.

* Actually, I don't hate weblogs anymore.

my top four
the daily surfs of derek powazek


Wired News rocks. Tech reportage with a personality. I go there every morning along with....


Slashdot is, quite simply, the best community site on the web. I go for equal parts geek gossip and community education.


Justin Hall has infected the web with his unique brand of scream of consciousness. Bud.com invites you along forthe ride.


Metababy is a community filter with no filter - all change all the time. And you can play, too! Just send email to metababy@metababy.com.


A design portfolio having a good hair day.

There should be a new category of websites called something like "Designers Strutting Their Funky Selves." If there was, Stockholm-based Andreas Lindkvist's lindkvist.com would be at the top of my list. And it's not the free fonts (which are great) or the illustrations (which are amazing) or the random other stuff (like the postcards of his artwork that you can send to your friends or the plant cam that never changes), it's that everything that Andreas does is infused with a sense of play that is so lacking in most designer's sites. Give Andreas a look - he'll brighten your day.


TV Ultra
The best thing on teevee, every day.

So I admit it. I 'm a television junkie. At the end of the day, I like to kick my feet up and turn my brain off and zone out in front of the tube. The thing is, I just can't watch crap. And let's face it, most of what's out there is crap. That's where tvultra.com comes in. They offer their suggestion of what's good to watch every day - and you can even get it emailed to you. I don't always agree with their picks, but you can count on them to pull something out that you didn't know about already.

Remain positive in the midst of chaos.

Leslie Harpold and Ben Brown bring you reformatting.com, a chance to take your worldview, condense it into action statements to live by, post them for all to see, and even have them mailed to you every day for the next 30 days. A moving art site that makes me long for more like it on the web. Check it out.

The Dreams Project is a wonderful concept, artfully presented. And even though there have been others who have been doing this a long time, the variety of voices will be the factor that makes this site stand out. Good luck!

The Days of Naze is just a homepage (remember those?), but it's a homepage full of wit and wonderful stories. Be sure to check out the "stupid" section – it left me giggling for hours. Great work, Christopher!

The Electrical Socket is Matte Elsbernd's playground and portfolio. It's packed with stuff to play with and has a strong design and a great sense of humor. Be sure to check out Matte's contribution to the browser wars.

sicksadworld.com has nothing to do with Daria, MTV's brilliant animated series. What is does have to do with, however, is the life of a quirky, newly blond, 25-year-old woman named Faith. I'm a sucker for a well-designed personal site, and this one is even worth missing Daria for.

My Left Asscheek is the odd brainchild of Jeff Burchell and the fat.doobie possie. Part portal, part newswire, all random, it grabs headlines from across the web and spews them out differently every time you load the page. Buttcheek.com - because one good portal parody deserves another.

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