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New in Ephemera: Sets

Thanks to the inspiration from Heather's Furthermore and the sweet software goodness from Noel's PhotoStack, I've added a new section to Ephemera: Sets! The first one to go up includes 35 photos from Saturday night's Chinese New Year Parade, which was a blast. Happy year of the monkey!

A new site


My photos now have a proper home. Please drop by Ephemera and see.

She Said Yes

does this mean I have to make a marriage site?

Claremont Photos 3: Highway 5

No matter how many times I drive the hypnotic highway, I always find something new there.

Claremont Photos 2: Back Yard

Claremont Photos 1: Shadow Play

Just got back from a trip to Claremont to visit the folks. A few moments of beauty....

Dramatic golden light illuminates the plants in dad's driveway.

Celebrating the new camera

So I just got a new camera, and to celebrate I'm posting a photo of my cat, as is the custom with my people.

Okay, dogs too.


Dance-Along Nutcracker

A fantastic time was had by all at the Dance-Along Nutcracker (Judith's photos).

Do not call 911

Outside Yerba Buena. Not an accident. But it causes traffic delays nonetheless.

Out for a Walk

Robot with a heart.

Do not feed the homicidal bears in the window.

Heather's new do.



Signs of Life

In the continuing saga of Fred, there are now three babies peeking out of what was once a stick in a pot. Go Fred!

Still Life With Artist

In our house lately, it's all about Eve.


Sign Person Five

Chieka in the Kitchen

Garbage Wisdom

Rusty and Robot

By popular demand: 1024x768 Evil Robot Desktop.

Sign People

Around the corner, at the top of dog shit park, there's this sign that keeps getting decorated. After I took this photo, someone added, "WHO DAT?"

Seeing Seattle

The scenic Pike Street Market, with its rows and rows of fish, and the original Starbucks where the mermaid still has nipples? The endless corridors and tacky patterns of the Waterfront Marriott? The stunning, cloudless, utterly rare, blue Seattle sky? Didn't take my camera out once. What did I take pictures of? The cab.

Out for a Walk

In the Maslow's hierarchy of needs for Chieka, finding stinky things to roll in is just about at the top.

Everyone loves Tigger. Women coo at him on instinct. Dogs follow him around. There's this one dog in the park, Theo, who loves Tigger. He'll run through traffic to get to him. Once, when we were out walking, a car stopped in the street. It was Theo and his owner, Nate. Nate was driving. Theo pressed himself against the glass of the window. "Look, Theo," said Nate, "it's your boyfriend!"

I fell in love with the girl - the dogs were a bonus.

SF Skyline from above

This is why I always ask for a window seat.

Mazel tov

Maggy and Bryan

Congratulations to Maggie and Bryan!

How it works

Conservatory of Flowers Reopening

dscn7727 dscn7683 dscn7702
dscn7709 dscn7681 dscn7682

Photos from the reopening of the San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers. More »

Pier 70

pier 70

The missing photo

See? I was there.

dmp, lit at the canvas

Thanks to Tantek Çelik for the photo!

More urban texture

A random bit of art on a staircase in Lower Haight.

Happy birthday Caterina

When Heather and I were in Vancouver, we finally got to meet Dos Pesos. He's cute as a bug and he does one heckuva prairie dog impersonation.


Happy Birthday to Caterina (that's her, grinning in the background)!

Sutro sunset

Our flight to Vancouver treated us to a stupendous sunset over a blanket of fog around Sutro Tower.

Update: 'Cause someone asked, here's a 1024x768 version suitable for desktopping!

Urban textures

I contributed an old favorite to the July theme over at Lalaland.

And, yeah, after a harrowing few hours of immigration lines, security lines, and baggage lines, we're home safe and sound. Phew.

The Orchid

'Cause dad asked.

Fray Cafe Sedona


I put my photos of Fray Cafe Sedona up yesterday. Here's me kicking things off. Do I always rub my hands toghether when I'm nervous? Yes, I do.

Special thanks to Mark for the pic above. The trouble with being the emcee and the photographer is that you never get photos of yourself on stage. Thanks, Mark!

Flam Chen photos


Photos from last night's Flam Chen show. One sentence review: Kinda like Cirque du Soleil if they had fire instead of money. Bonus one word review: Amazing.

Click the thumbnails for larger versions.

Greetings from Santa Cruz

it's okay if you don't understand

Universes collided this weekend when a UCSC banana slug (the college mascot, dontchaknow) met its logo-ized self on a baseball hat in what used to be called Elfland in the forest of upper campus.

Personally, I got the knit cap.

Grand Too


Note: When walking the rim of the Grand Canyon, be sure to bring a hat, or else you'll wind up wearing whatever goofy thing is in the trunk of the car.

Greetings from the Grand Canyon


Note: The curve in the horizon is from the camera, not the curve of the Earth. I think.

Memorial Day in the park

a girl and her dog

A girl and her dog. Golden Gate Park.

a boy and his dog

A boy and his dog. Well, hers, technically. But still. Us boys.

Walking with Heather and the pups through Golden Gate park on a sunny day is like being a traveling petting zoo. People flock to them, all smiles. We wandered a bit too close to the kids area and were besieged by tiny humans, all wanting to touch the tiny dogs. One father even held his pristine one year-old out to Chieka. I could have stopped her from tonguing the child, but I didn't. As we walked away, I heard the dad say to the whimpering child: "We won't tell mommy about this."


choose to live

Streetcorner wisdom, corner of Carl and Cole.

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