{ latest: } A new San Francisco Story: Saving Gelatinous Spooge.  [1.9.99]

I made a quickie site for a friend today: www.centerforlife.org. If you're in the Bay Area and you need a good massage, check it out. Jon's got magic fingers. I should know, I'm now getting free massages for life.  [1.6.99]

It's a big month for interviews. Check out my conversation with Joe Lambert at the Center for Digital Storytelling.  [1.4.99]

New in {fray}: I still can't believe it's 1999.  [1.1.99]

Some people just know how to ask the right questions - Jeffrey Zeldman is one of them, and his 15 Minutes project is just fantastic. So I was thrilled when he interviewed me for it - check it out.  [12.24.98]

Check out the new edition of Netscape Open Studio where I babble about not being able to predict the future of the web - and then do it anyway!  [12.17.98]

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