old news: I put up a new story in San Francisco Stories tonight. Please don't hate me because I'm a cold-blooded killer.  [12.9.98]

New in Kvetch! It's that time again. The shopping. The relatives. The weather. It's ... the holidays! A very special kvetch topic, for December only! Plus, on Thursday, December 24 (aka Christmas Eve), we'll be kvetching up a storm all night long in a live kvetch chat! If the holiday blues have got you down, come by and tell us all about it.  [12.7.98]

Woo hoo! {fray} has been nominated for cool site of the year in the design category. Please take a moment and vote!  [12.2.98]

I updated my sites to honor day without art. I even contrubuted my own banner. If you run a website, you can get involved, too.  [12.1.98]

A new {fray} story! Check out the drive-by by Sarah Bruner.  [11.24.98]

A thoughtful story at sfgate.com about webzine98. Yes, I really did say those things. No, it wasn't just because I'd been drinking.  [11.20.98]

This weekend I attended (and spoke at) webzine98, a party/conference to promote independent content on the web. It kicked ass. Wanna see what I saw?  [11.15.98]

I put up a new story in San Francisco Stories tonight. I never thought I'd say it, but thank goodness for street cleaning.  [11.12.98]

A new {fray} story! Check out interesting by Alexis Massie.  [11.5.98]

It was 1995 when I first saw a new website called word. It fundamentally changed the way I thought about the web, and it has influenced everything I've done here since. So it was an honor for me to design this week's featured article there, Memoirs of a Sword Swallower. Hope you like it.  [11.2.98]

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