What the hell is a weblog?You tell me.

I nearly giggled when I saw you could post to Derek's wonderful rant. (Or pseudo-rant)

You say tomat-o, I say tomay-to. I think my site is a weblog. I log stuff. It's on the web.

It's that simple. A weblog is what you make of it. If you want to categorize things, who am I to care? Put me in the "most likely to stop updating in a few weeks and move on to another half-finished site" if you want to. At least people will go and see if I've stopped updating yet.

I started my site because I thought there might be a few people out there who wanted to read what I had to write.

I'd been read a few sites for awhile.

They made me laugh. They made me smile. Hell, sometimes they even made me cry.

It's life.

Do it how you want.

Do it with frames. Do it with flash. Do it with chicken, for all I care. It's yours. Don't let anyone take it away.

christian {xinnar@fcuker.com}


it's an old (and pretty un-revolutionary) idea dressed up with a new name. as soon as something is classified with nomenclature all its own, though, the idea is that much easier for people to wrap their brains around, and so it rises in the collective consciousness---and *nothing* can achieve popularity without garnering its share of naysayers eager to prove that they're too cool to be constrained by mere *trend*. But really---a webpage that's constantly updated with lots of links to other reading material---isn't that sort of a short definition of The Perfect Website? There's still plenty of dense, meaty original content out there---webloggers just help point the way to where it's hidden amongst all the clutching, greedy, banner-clogged dead-end corporate sites and other assorted drivel. The hype may be a bit on the much-ado-about-nothing side, but the concept, quite simply, rocks.

[...to answer the other part of the question, my personal website remains an unfortunate victim of internalized blogophobia.]

michelle {michelle@sapphireblue.com}

I think we all started a weblog the moment that we realized the potential the internet contained. The beauty of the connection. The potential of information sharing, and potential to get to know people, places, and things, we normally wouldn't in our lives. To expand, reach, and make our lives greater.

But then what happened to that? Since then, I don't think weblogs are used up to their potential. To their dream. They faded back into just something for us to be interested in, to laugh at, much like any soap opera or television show.

Then again, every once in awhile comes a rare beauty- maybe something like *this*. Where we all share our opinions on a simple question. Try that. Read all of our definitions, and then, *there*, is the reason for the creation of the weblogs.

mark olynciw {mark@riothero.com}


i could not tell you what a weblog is to you or her or him. i can tell you what it is to me. it's an opportunity for me to post my thoughts and opinions and mad-spin-your-wheels-synapses that occupy my mind on a daily basis. the idea of thinking out loud and having an audience (no matter how limited) that reacts (loves, hates, agrees, becomes ill) is such a thrill for me.

no, i don't know what a weblog -should- be. i just know what it -is- to me. it's a channel. a conduit. a focus. a love.

jb {jb@phishtail.com}

For me a weblog is a non-commercial way to find cool stuff on the web and learn about new people, and in some instances, discuss it. I think once weblogs lose their individualized way about them and become ways to promote companies for the sole purpose of making profit, well that's when they'll lose their charm.

e-boogie {ebowie@dellnet.com}


Weblogs are just something to do.

I wanted something like a journal, but I hated online journals. I just wanted a place to ramble briefly, and I figured adding some links would make it a little more interesting. I hadn't heard the word "weblog" yet.

It gets addictive. It's fun. It's Something To Do. And that's about it.

Weblogs aren't cool. They're nothing to brag about. They don't deserve a "genre" or a "subculture" or any other cliquey high school-esque adjective. Why should people pretend that linking to cool stuff other people did takes talent or finnesse?

A weblog is a glorified links page.

I love them and I hate them. Like pop-up windows.

katie {katie@vurtified.com}

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