What the hell is a weblog?You tell me.

it's just a freakin' web site...

honestly, I still hate the term 'weblog' even though my site is classified as such, and I (reluctantly) accept the categorization... ugh!



a "weblog", apparently, is a list of links with additional content. the web is made up of pages, most of which contain links, many of them with

I don't see the different, honestly.

but to argue that there's some art, or even some generic criteria, to define doing precisely what people have done since the first "home page" popped onto port 80...

seems absurd.

nick {no_blog@blogging.com}

mine started at Midnight 2000. i'd included a posting form, so friends and colleagues could email me to tell me the bug hadn't exploded and they had running water and lights.

took out the form later on, and made it a personal weblog. which doesn't have so many links at all. i didn't realize it was supposed to. there's some pictures, though...

well, heck, it's mostly a way for me to do quick updates about my life so my mom knows what i'm up to when i don't write for weeks :-)

mirla {mirla@mirla.net}


part list of links. part 1993 i-don't-know-what-to-do-with-my-homepage. part online-journal.

whole. me.

thisboyistoast@hotmail.com {thisboyistoast@hotmail.com}

I've said it before. I'll link to it again. This is Why I Weblog.

Brad L. Graham


A weblog is a great way to make a site worth frequently returning to with little effort.

Nikolai Nolan {nikolai@fairvue.com}

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