What the hell is a weblog?You tell me.

A weblog is not only everything we think they are now—a weblog is everything we haven't even imagined they can be yet.

In other words, they're nothing more or less than whatever their authors (and, to a certain extent, their readers) allow them to be. Why would we want them to be just one thing? Why would we want to force them all into the same mold? Why would we want to say that "This is what it has to be, and this is all that it can be; you're not allowed to make more of it than this"?

Weblogging is a potentially powerful, profound and even spiritual medium of self-expression; it's also potentially the emptiest, silliest, most pretentious garbage you'll find anywhere. But as a medium, it's no more excluded from being either the former or the latter than any other creative medium. Just because it can be cheap and petty (and often is) doesn't mean it has to be; there is no "competition" here that really matters at the end of the day, except with ourselves. There may not be any limits to its awfulness, but neither are there any limits to its greatness; and wherever we fall on that spectrum is far more up to us than to any preconceived "rules" or notions of what a weblog should or shouldn't be about.

Noah Grey {noah@noahgrey.com}


A WebLog is that in which you make it. There are no limits, no rules, and no writings on the wall, just you and your voice. The Web is a bi-directional medium, it's time we start making use of that fact.

Nick Finck {nickf@digital-web.com}

A weblog is a way to express yourself in a way you couldn't do face-to-face.

Marcus {marcus@zamorim.eti.br}


Your personality applied to .html!


A weblog is all that e-mail you sent out to friends for years saying "hey! check this out! this is cool!" except that you're sending it to people you wouldn't have thought to send it to and maybe don't even know and/or have never met because it's on the web now.

Ralph Brandi {ralph@brandi.org}


weblogs are what satisfy the voyeuristic tendencies of all of us who are too low-profile and insignificant to have weblogs of our own.

living vicariously through bloggers gives us the happy illusion of being in touch with the web. . . but it's more like looking through one-way glass.

kaz {kazulrw@white-star.com}

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