What the hell is a weblog?You tell me.

a weblog is a coffeehouse conversation in text, with references as required.

rebecca blood {rebecca@rebeccablood.net}


haven't got a damn clue, squire. it's just a goddamned name. labels are for clueless dogs. when i did my first page, mid-93, i guess, it was a linklist. then i did a calendar for a multi-cultural house. then i just started doing links the salon way, linking from a text. and i guess that was my step toward personal content.
you know, i've liked it. writing about things that annoy me, or enlighten me, or make me raptureous. i have actually written cgi-scripts that could have allowed me to update from anywhere. password protected and all. easy as all heck. but it wasn't till i visited melty's pita that i started to update on a regular basis. i could have written such a tool years ago, but i wanted to have full control over how my pages looked. not that they ever looked brilliant, though.
but it allows me to get things off my head. have words with myself. maybe even tell someone something. you can't say a weblog is this, a weblog is that. is it external to your main site? is it your main site? is it updated daily? weekly? who the hey knows?
me? i think its all an empty crock. wozzname, hype. call it blog. sometimes i do too. sometimes i call it regurgitation. to paraphrase ROBERT MITCHUM:
"There are all kinds of meanings to the word 'weblog'. And they're all true, every one of them. You can make up one if you want."

mister pig {imslowlygettingbald@sunnerdahl.org}

It seems to me that webloggers are the DJs of the internet. Instead of spinning tracks, they spin links to get the crowd moving around the web.

DJs are sometimes scorned by those outside the movement, because they are merely "playing other people's records." The real art of the DJ lies in two areas: track selection, from the huge pool of available material; and mixing skills.

I am impressed by any weblogger who can work his or her daily links into a smooth, flowing mix. The weblog style is still dominated by the hard cut.

philip {spinoza@chickmail.com}


A weblog is what people who can't design make. Weblogging is the easy way out to creating something. A shortcut to updating a site. A tool for cowards.

The best goddamn thing to happen to the web :-)

Jeffrey Musante {skizz@skizz.com}

Yes, I have a weblog... It's not powered by blogger, it's nothing fancy.. but I'm willing to bet that it's the least read weblog on the planet.
(I'm even willing to send 5 bucks to the one who proves otherwise.)
And that fills me with a deep sense of satisfaction for some reason. It's like my little secret and with all of my little secret thoughts and it's for nobody but me... And being terminally shy.. I look at it as therapy in exhibitionism.

So far it's working.

Here's to Weblogs!

Liz {lizard@lizardfetish.com}


If content is king,

weblogs are queens...

God save the queen! ;-)

Beth {barthur@stribmail.com}

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