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a fish story

I did panel number two. Bonus points for anyone who gets the reference.

{ 10:55am }



»'s either a Burning Man reference....or else it's something to do with Hunter S Thompson..dunno why I thought of just popped in there....

Tom Cosgrave  { 3.6.01 @ 12:13pm }

» Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, right? Or am recalling a morning after eating bad fish? (Or bad acid?) ;)

anathea  { 3.6.01 @ 12:18pm }

» That's it! It's from the beginning of "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" by Hunter S. Thompson.

– derek  { 3.6.01 @ 12:22pm }

» Wow, I'm amazed I was right at all.
I have never read any of Thompsons was a complete shot in the dark. I think the reference to the desert made me think of it.

Tom Cosgrave  { 3.6.01 @ 1:20pm }

» yep, it's fear and loathing, allright...
i once wrote a column covering Comdex with a HLT-themed opening...only Comdex was far more surreal than anything in the book...

bill o'connor  { 3.6.01 @ 5:39pm }

» i've never read "fear and loathing," but i recognized the reference, just from the sheer number of parodies. sort of like how everyone knows rosebud is a sled starting from age 5.

what amazes me is that this brings me five degrees from derek powazek, who was asked to do a panel by heather, who is (presumably) friends with waferbaby, who is friends with alice, who asked me to do a panel. which is one degree closer than yesterday.

adam apparatus  { 3.7.01 @ 8:51pm }


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