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happy mother's day

I know it's just a Hallmark holiday, made up to sell cards. But I don't care.

We don't often think about how much our mothers have given to us, have meant to us, have done for us. This one day on the calendar in May is just a little reminder.

So happy mother's day, mom. The card is in the mail.


my mom and her mom, 1949

My mom Lois and her mom Gertrude on the Santa Monica beach in 1949.

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» beautiful. i wonder where my mother is right about now...........

– sara  { 5.13.01 @ 3:15pm }

» Thank you. Once again you have brought me to tears. Today is not only Mother's Day, it is also my mom's birthday. Just shy of 14 months since her death, it is so lovely to see her looking so alive and vibrant, with me just a toddler. And time marches on...
Can't wait to see you!! I love you...

– Momma  { 5.13.01 @ 5:43pm }

» wow. thanks for sharing. this is my first mother's day as a mom. wish me luck.

webchick  { 5.13.01 @ 5:55pm }

» actually, mother's day isn't a hallmark holiday. it has a rich history.

– kim  { 5.13.01 @ 7:09pm }

» thanks so much for posting that link kim cuz i was taught the history of mother's day at school in turkey, way before hallmark made it there, and i kept getting confused all week as people kept saying it was a hallmark holiday.

derek, that's a beautiful picture. i'll only have to wait another week to give my mom a hug.

karenika  { 5.13.01 @ 7:59pm }

» -a heart warming gesture to have this link. Spent this special day with mom and let her know she is the most important person in my life.

Thank you, Derek!

– anisha bordoloi  { 5.15.01 @ 1:35am }


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