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got fired?

Dotcom Follies! Are you a dotcom refugee? Have you been downsized? Wear your economic status with pride, thanks to Copyleft. And even better, a percentage of the proceeds go toward worthy open source projects.

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» These shirts are also appropriate.

Dori  { 7.8.01 @ 4:26pm }

» The problem, of course, is that being unemployed as I am, I can't justify spending even a mere $15 on anything other than food or rent...

Dave  { 7.8.01 @ 5:05pm }


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» Goodbye old friend.

» Don't miss the photos and audio from Fray Cafe 2.

» Psst. Hey kid. Wanna buy some swag?

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  Gaming the system: How moderation tools can backfire
Sometimes all the widgets backfire, encouraging the very behavior they're designed to avert. The rules have a dangerous side-effect: they create a game.
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  "I wanted to spend the 4th with someone who always knew the way back home."

Counting Flags by Kevin Smokler.
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  the slow glimmering descent
I've been watching fireworks there for years, but last night was different. And not just because it was clear.
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  fray day 6
Fray Day 6 is coming to cities all over the world on September 14, 2002. Come tell your story.
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