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So, thanks to this article, my humble log now automatically creates an RSS file in XML. Which, I suppose, is nifty. But can any of the more accomplished geeks in the audience tell me what to do with it?

And for anyone out there scratching their heads at all the acronyms in the paragraph above, I feel your pain. I suggest we both go on as if none of this ever happened.

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» Well, here's one thing to do with it....

dmp  { 7.15.01 @ 6:23pm }

» Derek,

You might try digging through this tutorial - it wouldn't take much to syndicate content with the Perl code they provide.

Shmuel  { 7.17.01 @ 12:11pm }

» Speaking of content syndication of sorts I see that you have hacked Greymatter to post content to more than one page on both and Citystories. Are these changes something you would be willing to share with the rest of us? I have a site I'm working on that would benefit from this feature. Or maybe it's a feature already built into Greymatter that I just haven't found yet?

Shmuel  { 7.17.01 @ 12:39pm }

» (Okay, anyone who doesn't care about the obscure technical details of Greymatter, tune out now. Okay. Just us geeks? Here we go.)

Shmuel, the answer to your prayers is Greymatter's wonderful "connected files" option. Here's how it works.

Create a standard html page that includes some GM variables. I'm using the entrylist ones.

Upload it somewhere, and chmod it to 666.

Then go to your "configuration" screen. In the "connect other files" box, write the path to that file from where cm.cgi is. Click the "yes" toggle right below it, too.

Then just publish! Greymatter will suck in that html file you uploaded, save a copy of it as a template in your archives directory, and then replace it with a static html file with the variables filled in. Every time you publish, it should rebuild the file. (FYI, that's the same way I'm making the RSS feed.)

Caveat 1: Sometimes GM doesn't update the connected files. In which case, you've gotta go to "rebuild files" and click "rebuild connected files" manually.

Caveat 2: If you ever want to change the connected file, you have to edit the copy of it in your archives directory - not the one you uploaded. This is counter-intuitive, but it works. Just think of the copy GM made as a template.

Derek M. Powazek  { 7.17.01 @ 1:36pm }

» Oriellynet's Meerkat uses RSS files to create what they call an "Open Wire Service" (sort of like Moreover). I can't figure out how to add RSS sources (or in Meerkat parlance "Channels") but it's interesting none the less.

shmuel  { 7.17.01 @ 3:22pm }

» Oh, I almost forgot to mention this: has anyone else noticed that no longer uses RSS files to create their "content windows"? If I remember correctly Netscape invented RSS for the express purpose of getting more content providers for their start page service. Does anyone know why Netscape is abandoning this strategy?

And Derek, thanks for the Greymatter tips!

Shmuel  { 7.17.01 @ 3:27pm }

» Derek, The format of the XML code I put in that article is for RSS version .9, which is seriously out of date. I've posted templates for .9, .91 and .92 elsewhere.

(That article wasn't supposed to be publicly available yet. I told Noah about it, but didn't expect him to pass it along so quickly.)

Ross  { 7.23.01 @ 2:56pm }

» Ross -- I saw that. Thanks! I've already updated to the latest format. And sorry if I publicized your url before it was ready!

dmp  { 7.23.01 @ 3:18pm }

» This article was really helpful. It inspired me! So, I wrote something up about my experience that I hope will help you:

Greymatter, RSS, and Syndication

"Greymatter is an excellent web content management system. After you install it, you can begin to syndicate your content using XML. This article gives you an explicit step-by-step overview of how I created RSS 1.0 and RSS 0.92 files using Greymatter. It is assumed that you have some knowledge of HTML and XML, and that you have already installed Greymatter. Many examples and references are provided to help you along the way."

Good luck!!

John S. Rhodes  { 7.27.01 @ 9:53pm }


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