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the fat lady sang

The Webbies are finally, blissfully, over. Thank goodness.

I can say quite honestly that I had a great time. Tiffany clearly knows how to throw a party. (She's got lousy taste in modern dance, but why quibble.) I got to dress up and go to a swanky show, I got to sit in row G (or, as Halcyon called it, "the g-spot") with my friends and fellow {fray} contributors, I got to get a great big hug from Halcyon, and, in the end, I got to get drunk on their dime. Not bad.


dmp at the webbies

I even got interviewed for the webcast, which I'm pretty sure only my mom watched (thanks, mom). You can catch me about three-fourths of the way through, if you're so inclined, talking with Simone Angel, who has very large lips up close.

No, {fray} didn't win. But winning was never really the point.

The point, for me, was to get the idea of personal storytelling out into the mainstream. To revel in the honor of being nominated alongside such excellent company and some of the biggest sites in the biz. And to celebrate that accomplishment with my friends and fellow frayers. It was their honor as much as it was mine.

And, in the end, that's exactly what I got. No complaints.

haeather shauna lance derek

Photo by the wonderful and talented Kevin-John Black.

I hope that next year people treat the Webbies, and its nominees, with a little more respect (or, short of that, a pinch of tolerance would do.) I mean, really, if you think the Webbies are stupid, then just don't participate. If you think they've got it all wrong, start your own awards show. (I can only imagine how hard the Webby staff has been working the last few months. Did you know this is a labor of love for them? Most of the staff don't even get paid. Think about that.) Or, better yet, send them some email. Volunteer to get involved. Ask about becoming a nominating judge. Put your ass where your mouth is.

Remember, these are real people, with a real love for the web, trying to bring attention to what we're all building. Think about that next year, when this whole circus comes to town again.

{ 9:35pm }



» Oui...oui...

I had a great time too. Ach.. my feet hurt but it was GREAT to see so much energy and people that still believe.

Oh..sure there's still hype....but it was fun to cavort with some of the folks that we've been sharing Diet Coke and Thai Food to go... since '95.

ps... I think I should have been spending more time with the Diet Coke...and less with the Thai food.

Where did all those chins come from?

Kevin-John  { 7.19.01 @ 10:20pm }

» Right on, Derek.

I'd like to buy you a drink.

Dinah  { 7.19.01 @ 10:33pm }

» Derek, Derek, Derek. I appreciate and agree with the sentiment but, dude, don't ever use the phrase "Put your ass where your mouth is" again, 'k? :-)

TheBrad  { 7.20.01 @ 3:18am }

» Actually, I was rather proud of that phrase....

dmp  { 7.20.01 @ 11:30pm }

» Also, I've just put up some photos of the event.

dmp  { 7.22.01 @ 5:29pm }


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