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five winners and counting

So far five people have won my little game and five envelopes have gone out in the mail. Will you be next?

{ 1:53am }



» Well, I'd love to play Derek...except that I doubt I could find any US stamps here for the SAE you require.

Any "rules for overseas players"?

Tom Cosgrave  { 7.24.01 @ 5:49am }

» tom: im sending a sase to derek, ill throw in some extra stamps for you!

christine  { 7.24.01 @ 8:26am }

» Thanks Christine! I owe you a favour!

It's times like this that restore my faith in the human race...

Tom Cosgrave  { 7.24.01 @ 8:59am }

» ...another overseas player here

I doubt there's a way around it

– Will Try  { 7.24.01 @ 10:56am }

» I have the stamps, and the resourcefulness to find the address. I lack the envelopes :) (but they're on the shopping list for when I get my car back).

Dave  { 7.24.01 @ 2:29pm }

» Heh. Isn't moving atoms around a drag?

For you overseas folks, remember, this is a game. Be clever. For example, I have been known to send gifts to people who donate to fray day....

Derek  { 7.24.01 @ 3:08pm }

» D'oh. *kicks self*.

I didn't think there. Now I get it...

Tom Cosgrave  { 7.24.01 @ 3:34pm }

» Watch your mailbox. ;-)

Mike  { 7.25.01 @ 2:36pm }


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