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incredible imagery

"This is a mirror site featuring photos taken from a man fleeing the World Trade Center after Tuesday's Terrorist attacks."

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» This is so incredibly inappropriate, but when I hovered over that link, I thought it said "". I couldn't imagine the connection between the description and the url, but it can all be explained by my inability to read correctly.

– Stef  { 9.15.01 @ 3:26pm }

» I thought I had seen all the powerful imagery there was to see, but I was wrong. These are amazing. I'm struck by how calm everyone is. These are the first pictures I've seen from inside the buildings; I'd expected people to have been climbing over one another.

The two photos of the fireman carrying equipment are heartbreaking. One assumes he did not come down. The hose seems like such a desperate, powerless instrument.

Luke  { 9.15.01 @ 9:04pm }

» I just noticed this one, with the woman holding an umbrella, presumably because of the sprinklers. Talk about assembling deckchairs on the Titanic.

Luke  { 9.16.01 @ 1:43pm }

» On Sept 17th, none of these links worked for me.

ned  { 9.17.01 @ 3:23pm }

» Ned - Looks like they were moved. Try here or here.

Derek  { 9.17.01 @ 3:39pm }


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