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two more voices in the choir

Point. Counterpoint.

I know we're all sick of the stories. But, really, read these two. In this order.

You'll see.

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» Nice pieces. I wonder how people's perspectives would change if we all had to hold a baby while voting. Would we be more fierce to try to protect the little one? Or more compassionate as we visualize the babies of the world?

I wish we could have one TV channel of just 24 hour live footage of babies playing. cooing. crying. smiling.

Maybe this week it could be a special "Babies of the Middle-East" theme.

– Halcyon  { 9.19.01 @ 12:17pm }

» What wonderful ideas. I know it's only the babies and dogs of NYC that have kept me on my feet. I saw a baby in a stroller wave its dimply arms and laugh on Tuesday afternoon, and I wanted to thank it.

But there are some people to whom babies, or at least -- at worst -- Certain Kinds of Babies, convey no charm, no beauty, no hope. How do we change those perspectives?

Some relative of mine (their calls all a blur from last week) brought out the old saw "I wouldn't bring a child into this terrible world-blah-blah-blah."

I would. We have to, don't we?

– Maggie  { 9.19.01 @ 7:44pm }

» No. We don't *have* to. We want to. Because we will make it better for them. Because that's our job.

We don't have to take the job, but we would be fools not to. Because it is the best job one could ever dream of.

christian  { 9.20.01 @ 12:32am }

» I didn't mean have to as in Have To. Sorry, my rhetoric is a little rusty these days.

– Maggie  { 9.20.01 @ 7:05am }


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