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watch out for theater 13

Monsters, Inc. was a great film. Amazing digital effects, good plot, wonderful creatures, and the bonus of experiencing Billy Crystal's comedic timing without actually having to look at him.

But if you go see it, go to the latest show you can possibly find. Otherwise you'll find yourself surrounded by ... children. Sticky, noisy, sneezy children. And children are no fun to watch a movie with – even a children's movie.

And watch out for Metreon's theater 13 – I think the projectionist needs an optometrist.

{ 12:12am }



» Actually I found the women at the 10pm show we went to more annoying than any child. Either they'd been drinking before hand or they found every bit of the movie REALLY funny.

The movie is really cute though. Pixar seems to give Disney movies that magic touch. :)

Cristen  { 11.6.01 @ 7:39am }

» Would you like to take your cousins ??

– Uncle H  { 11.6.01 @ 8:04am }

» Hey Uncle H! You bet I would. Only stranger's children are annoying. Family is family. ;-)

Derek M. Powazek  { 11.6.01 @ 10:33am }

» I thought the movie was was no Shrek as far as laughs. I really liked the film short before the movie though.

Also did you catch the trailer for The Ice Age?

Yeesh...I mean c'mon, do we really need another dinosaur-ish animated CG flick?

dangerman  { 11.6.01 @ 10:35am }

» Argh - we don't get it until after new years. *envy envy*

Thank ghod they've started showing both the norwegian dub and the original voices.

Oh, and look: Shrek out on DVD already over there. hmm. Off to amazon I go.

– Christian  { 11.6.01 @ 10:41am }

» Hey, in today's environment you should love being surrounded by sneezing, talking, fidgety kids that laugh too loud, too long, and in all the wrong places... don't most of us wish we could be that way again?

ChrisL  { 11.6.01 @ 10:49am }

» Speaking as someone who can get mighty surly when people talking during a movie, what precisely is wrong with children? If the movie is good enough, they will remain silent, captivated and you will feel the wondrous karma of children caught up within a magical movie. This was the case when I saw an early morning screening of The Iron Giant a few years ago. Fearing the worst as the audience of mostly children populated the theater, and when these same kids made quite a ruckus when a Pokemon trailer preceded the film, I experienced probably one of the finest moviegoing hegiras of that year. The kids became emotionally involved with the movie and I felt the inner child within me become just as resolutely ensnared within the heartfelt story of a giant robot as these kids. They remained majestically silent, save for the collective hushed breath as the magic of the robot unfurled itself on a twenty foot screen.

Never underestimate kids. They possess some of the most underestimated intelligence within humanity.

Ed  { 11.7.01 @ 3:21pm }

» I never said they were unintelligent, Ed. I just said that they're sticky, noisy, and sneezy - adjectives that aren't limited to children by any means.

I know a whole lot of adults that act far more childish than your average kid, come to think of it....

Derek M. Powazek  { 11.7.01 @ 3:36pm }

» Ah..."The Iron Giant"...we saw that on a school night with only two other adults in the theater. That was wonderful!!

– Momma  { 11.7.01 @ 4:45pm }

» Adjectives and italics can sometimes reveal more about a feeling than the writer expected and are often more revealing that the auctorial mask that conceals something else both patently obvious and possibly foul.

Ed  { 11.7.01 @ 11:05pm }

» Sorry, I'm lost. Are we still talking about the movies?

Derek M. Powazek  { 11.7.01 @ 11:54pm }

» *chuckle*

dangerman  { 11.9.01 @ 7:04pm }


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