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new powazek dot com

Say goodbye to old slidey and hello to the brand new powazek dot com, all hopped up on RSS madness.

Old slidey, you've served us well. But you hid the most important information - what's new in the network - a click away (albeit a cool slidey click). And all those javascript errors? Really, it was embarrasing. It's time we parted ways. No hard feelings, though. We can still be friends.

The best part about the new design? Automation and syndication. When there's something new in the network, it'll show up automatically. And if you'd like a Powazek feed for your own site, yup, we can handle that. Syndicate away, baby!

Now, I sleep.

{ 11:11pm }



» Derek, you're amazing. AND I can finally see your front page in Opera. I'm so elated! ;^)

Jay  { 11.15.01 @ 11:27pm }

» Yay! Super Derek! This is nifty keen. :)

Dinah  { 11.16.01 @ 12:41am }

» Old Slidey was a pain. Young RSS Monkey looks much better.

Nice one!

tomcosgrave  { 11.16.01 @ 1:19am }

» Yeah, Derek, we didn't want to tell you because we knew you really liked it, but we all talked about it and really didn't think Ol Slidey was for you. I mean, sure, it was pretty and fun, but really inthe long run we knew it would never work out.

But we knew that you liked it and wouldn't listen, so we figured that you needed to just go through the whole process on your own time.

We think RSS Monkey is a much better fit and we hope that this relationship lasts for a really long time. ;-)

Jay  { 11.16.01 @ 10:50am }

» wow, it looks sort of like an old powazek site.

Portal on, garth!

mathowie  { 11.16.01 @ 1:01pm }

» Nifty. I liked slidey too, though.

Caroline  { 11.16.01 @ 1:12pm }

» My favorite part is how it explains how to syndicate the feeds. I think this kind of format is going to be adopted by many network hub-kinda sites as RSS gains in popularity. Woo!

Derek M. Powazek  { 11.16.01 @ 2:04pm }

» I like the part when Derek is saying "Woo!" Good things are afoot.

(oh and boy do I like having friends who blaze trails where I want to head but haven't the techknowhow to get to alone).

Dinah  { 11.16.01 @ 3:23pm }

» So Derek, can you tell us now what was going to be in the coming soon tab on Ol' Slidey?

– sondra  { 11.16.01 @ 4:36pm }

» Well, at first it was going to be a personal site on one of the many domains I own but don't use, but then I started this here log to fill that need.

Then it was going to be the City Stories Project, but I never got around to adding it, because I knew I wanted to redesign it soon.

Derek M. Powazek  { 11.16.01 @ 4:45pm }

» Actually, I heard that it was going to be a Tigger and Chieka fan site...

– heather  { 11.16.01 @ 5:28pm }

» I don't understand the term 'Old Slidey'. Is this an in-house thing? Love your site Derek. I've been trying to lure people into Kvetch by hanging out there at all hours and waiting for someone to show up so I can verbally nail them to the wall and get some intelligent conversation out of them. I've had one of two minor sucesses but mainly frustration. I can't even lure some regular chat-mates away from the soap-opera rooms. Do you, or will you, have another associated chatroom?

– Quis - Tasmania  { 11.17.01 @ 1:01am }

» Hey Quis -- Perhaps you'd understand the in-house term if you just followed the link on "old slidey"?

And, fwiw, I'm glad you like the site, but Kvetch chat neither about "nailing" anyone nor "intelligent conversation." It's just about getting that burning complaint off your chest.

Derek M. Powazek  { 11.17.01 @ 1:10am }

» Oh hi Derek. I haven't yet met anyone who came to Kvetch to complain. Apparently some people have made it a regular hangout because it's quiet and non-threatening. It's just that I rarely see any regs. Time zones I expect.

Btw, I just wanted to let you know what I thought of this quote.
"...human beings need to tell and hear stories, or else they'll explode."

Yes! Yes! Yes!

– Quis - Tasmania  { 11.17.01 @ 1:20am }

» Okay. I'm assuming the 'slidey' bit refers to the drop (slide) down menus?

– Quis - Tasmania  { 11.17.01 @ 1:40am }

» Well, I wouldn't want to stand in the way of progress, but Old Slidey really kicked I thought.

I am going to go sulk now.

– michael baxter  { 11.17.01 @ 8:41am }

» derek, you're so cool.

sarah  { 11.18.01 @ 12:53pm }


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