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fool me twice, shame on me

Last year, about this time, my secondary 9 gig drive died a horrible death, taking about 6 months of my digital photos with it.

It took me about a month to replace. Which means that this second, secondary 9 gig drive lasted just about a year exactly.

That's right folks, it died again. A shallow metallic scraping sound signaled the end this evening. So I tell this to you as gospel: Never ever buy a hard drive from Seagate.

At least this time I made backups.

{ 10:24pm }



» That sucks with a capital 'S'. You should use this as an excuse to buy a G4 Powerbook.

– Greg  { 12.2.01 @ 11:15pm }

» Derek,
A couple questions if I may, just as I'm curious...
What backup procedure/software do you use to keep your records?

When you the drive failed, did you try and get the data back with 'Lost & Found' or any software utilities?


– Steve (UK)  { 12.2.01 @ 11:19pm }

» Greg -- NOW you're talking! And Chanukah is coming up.... ;-)

Steve -- I burned CDs on a regular basis. And, no, there's no data to be found. The drive won't mount at all - the drive sounds like it's removing plaque when it spins. Ugh. Why do you ask?

Derek M. Powazek  { 12.2.01 @ 11:25pm }

» A while back (and Derek, you might recall me talking about this vaguely), my iMac's hard drive went under in much the same way. (It was a Quantum, in case you were wondering.) No idea why it happened. I just bit the bullet and slapped a new Maxtor in that transparently-cased beast. God help you if you ever have to peek too deeply under the hood of an iMac. Pretty outside, not-so-pretty inside.

I second Greg's motion. A brand-new TiBook is the ticket this holiday season...

Mike  { 12.2.01 @ 11:42pm }

» Hey, guys. I added it to my wish list. Knock yourselves out! ;-)

Derek M. Powazek  { 12.3.01 @ 12:00am }

» I'd suggest that roundly dismissing Seagate is a bit premature. I know a bunch of people who use Seagate drives with great success. My Metallist Pro is still spinning beautifully after three years, fous OSs and three computers.

– willyyam  { 12.3.01 @ 11:41am }

» Suggestion noted. And rejected.

Look, I've had two Seagate Barracuda drives in a row, and neither lasted more than a year before they croaked. That's enough for me to never buy one again.

Derek M. Powazek  { 12.3.01 @ 11:49am }

» I don't know what brand of HDs Apple uses, but I've used Maxtors or IBMs (both brands are manufactured by IBM) in all my computers since 1994. Several years ago, a 384MB hard drive crashed and I lost all my data, but hard drives have come a long way since then. I've owned about 10 Maxtor drives, some for as long as 5 years, eventually retiring them because they were too small to be useful.

So, I highly recommend IBM/Maxtor based on my experience.

Aaron  { 12.3.01 @ 2:17pm }

» Before installing Linux recently, I went shopping for a new hard drive. It was a close choice between Maxtor and Seagate. I bought Maxtor; I have three PC's, all with Maxtor hard drives. They all still work (and one is old - very old). When I got home and surfed the web for installtion help (Linux, not the hard drive :) ) I found someone mentioned in passing how *not* to buy Seagate. I felt lucky. Reading your disaster with one again makes me feel happier - but so sorry for you! I remember your last hard drive failure. There is nothing worse than losing everything - may Seagate suffer for their sins. Glad you backed up. And yes, I second and third those recommending Maxtor (although they do skimp on their jumpers), but maybe not the suggestion to buy a Mac ; )

Carl  { 12.3.01 @ 3:58pm }

» Hmmm... let's see... I had a hard drive once. It sucked. So I traded it in for a pair of thongs.


My hands are cold. :(

– Kym  { 12.3.01 @ 4:47pm }

» Um, right.

Anyhow, what I was going to say was we have had two hard drive failures at our office: both Seagates.

I'm sticking with Derek on this one.

Dinah  { 12.3.01 @ 8:38pm }

» Just wondered Derek, as we had a hard disk failure last week and tried L&F and it recovered all our data. We promptly disposed of the 15GB Maxtor DiamondMax. (It was just 10 months old).Buy IBM or if price is an issue, Fujitsu.

– Steve  { 12.4.01 @ 10:56am }


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