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the art test

She screams, I dance. How about you?

{ 3:15pm }



» Apparently, I'm the Mona Lisa.

So does this mean I'm a priceless classic? Does it mean I'm caged beauty with a puzzling smile?

*shakes head*

tomcosgrave  { 12.4.01 @ 4:14pm }

» I too am a screamer. All too accurate (even though that's not really one of my favorite paintings...).

Stef  { 12.4.01 @ 4:38pm }

» I compose. I'm not sure I like what that says about me, but I do like the piece of art....

– ralph  { 12.4.01 @ 4:56pm }

» Apparently I'm prehistoric cave art.

While not thousands of years old, I've certainly felt that way. I've never been to Lascaux, but I do speak french. Although I wasn't created by cave people (nod to the PC people of old), I have been called an unfeeling neanderthal a few times, usually by one of my angry ex's...


I've got a giant blowup reproduction of the The Scream's title figure next to my desk. The last tenant left it behind in a closet... I like it, but it does look menacing in the dark. I'm glad I wasn't labeled with that comparison.

Maybe it's time to update my Wishlist. Cave art, here I come.

– Rich  { 12.4.01 @ 5:12pm }

» Mona Lisa.
No surprises there.
People who have had me come briefly into their lives and then disappear with an enigmatic smile would concur.

– ShyQ  { 12.4.01 @ 9:04pm }

» I'll be a Picasso any day. Today, I'm Three Musicians.

armando  { 12.4.01 @ 9:18pm }

» What does it say about me that, after reading Heather's entry, I actually tried to skew my answers so I could actually be The Raft of the Medusa.

Then, I realized that wasn't even an option.

I'm the Mona Lisa, though I fancy myself as Bar at the Folies-Bergere

Mena  { 12.4.01 @ 10:05pm }

» Salvador Dali's Persistence of Memory

I've been called disjointed and bizarre before, but never by a website.

christian  { 12.4.01 @ 10:05pm }

» I'm Mona, too!

– Momma  { 12.4.01 @ 10:09pm }

» Mona Lisa. Which, judging from my company in this club, is the best one to be :)

Dave  { 12.4.01 @ 10:11pm }

» I'm M.C. Escher's Lizards.

"A bizarre juxtaposition of the real and the unreal....which both delights and confuses people."

Is that good or bad? A close friend recently likened one of our adventures together as being stuck in an Escher piece. A comment like that, of course, can really go either way.

– john  { 12.4.01 @ 10:31pm }

» I'm the "Three Musicians!" Woo! :)

roe  { 12.4.01 @ 10:39pm }

» I'm Dogs Playing Poker. But I don't think I took the same test as you guys did.

Scott  { 12.5.01 @ 5:51am }

» no surprises here....i'm a screamer also.

– celisa  { 12.5.01 @ 11:54am }

» Dancer here, Derek, but we knew that, didn't we?

Jay  { 12.5.01 @ 7:00pm }

» That Degas was the first piece of art I knew of. It (rather a nice repro in a wonderful blond wood 50s frame --emphasis on the frame rather than the repro) hung in our family's living room.

I'm Mona too. Earthy. Yeah, that's me all right.

Jeff  { 12.6.01 @ 9:48am }

» You are Prehistoric Cave Art.

removed from modern life by virtue of living in the geographic middle of nowhere...

jocelyn  { 12.6.01 @ 1:26pm }

» You are Pablo Picasso's Three Musicians.

You have a jaunty outlook and although you are a bit weird, most people have some idea what you're about.

Couldn't have said it better myself. :)

– Sondra  { 12.6.01 @ 2:20pm }

» i'm escher's lizards, too. i'm not sure yet if i delight people, but confusion is a pretty apt way to describe it.

liz  { 12.8.01 @ 6:33pm }

» I was Monet's Waterlilies. I think it's just because I said I was idealistic.

Teresa Michele  { 12.10.01 @ 6:41am }


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