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farewell indeed

I still have a pile of Guilder from my time in Amsterdam. The sad part is, as boring as the new Euros are, they're sill more interesting to look at than the ol' American buck.

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» Euro Currency lets think you have a lot of dough, but once exchange it's nothin but chump change.

– Michele Durrani  { 12.6.01 @ 10:28pm }

» I also used to think the US dollar was an embrassment when compared the others. But I've recently learned to apprciated the subtle complexity of the design. Then throw in the cultural significance of the Ol' Greenback most foreign money seems a little garish now.

– Ryan Schroeder  { 12.7.01 @ 7:32am }

» the worst thing about american money is that all the bills are the same size and colour: british banknotes are different sizes and colours, not just 'cause they look pretty, but in order to help the vision-impaired. when I'm in the states I always have to watch out that I'm not handing over the wrong denomination because they're all so samey - I always wonder how the poorly-sighted must find american currency?

katy  { 12.7.01 @ 11:24am }

» I like dollars. They're the epitome of 'money'. Also like their narrowness.

Caroline  { 12.8.01 @ 9:59am }


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