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chanukah explained

I just got back to San Francisco from a wonderful little gathering down in Claremont to celebrate the first night of Chanukah. Presents were exchanged, wine was drunk, candles were lit, and much eating ensued. I'm still full, and that was yesterday.

Lately it's become clear to me that some people may not really understand what Chanukah is. Fortunately, John Styn's glorious Prehensile Tales is here to explain everything about this misunderstood holiday.

Check out: "The Fifth Day of Chanukah: The Day of Uncertainty" for all the kung-fu action, er, explanation.

{ 4:40pm }



» There really is no appropriate response for this story. I did periodically chuckle, though.

Hope your visit home was spiritually refreshing!

– Momma  { 12.10.01 @ 4:56pm }

» Happy Chanukah Derek!

– Michele Durrani  { 12.10.01 @ 10:13pm }

» And isn't Chanukah *about* periodic chuckles? :)

And miracles, of course.

p.s. The story itself was by Deron (who camped with FrayCamp at Burning Man). I just did the illustrations.

– Halcyon  { 12.11.01 @ 10:14am }

» Wow. I feel so enlightened! Happy Chanukah!

Dinah  { 12.11.01 @ 11:54am }

» All Jewish holidays (imo) basically boil down to: They tried to kill us. We survived. Let's eat.

As philosophies go, I've heard worse.

Dori  { 12.11.01 @ 1:06pm }

» It sure beats all that stuff about the baby who was born in the stable and getting lumps of rare metal, spices, and being visited by shephards, that's for sure.


tomcosgrave  { 12.11.01 @ 1:09pm }

» you missed "many potatoes were peeled." happy chanukah, baby!

– heather  { 12.11.01 @ 1:15pm }

» Yum! Those latkes were good, Derek. Happy Hanukkah to all of us who celebrate it.

meryl  { 12.11.01 @ 4:50pm }

» This story reminds me of my only Jewish pet peev: most people think a yenta is a matchmaker. But a yenta is someone who talks a lot and gossips.

A "shachtl" is a matchmaker. Of course, a shachtl can be a yenta too. But I digress.

I am a shachtl. I have a marriage match that's lasted 11 years, much to the chagrin of my wife who is constantly trying to hook people up.

Jeff  { 12.13.01 @ 7:19am }


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