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As if my guilt over missing out on NaNoWriMo wasn't bad enough, these two fuckers have started JaNoWriMo! Damn you, Seemann! How much guilt can one guy handle?

It's all okay, though. Because, like Luke, I would have done just about anything to get Greg writing again. And what he's writing, so far, is just amazing.

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Oh, how I've missed EOD... Thank you for linking!

Dave  { 1.2.02 @ 11:47pm }

» A word of advice: skip the guilt, do the writing... Actually, if you really, truly give yourself permission to write badly, it can be done. As I found out in November. I would caution against publishing it all on the web, though, since having people read over your shoulders all the time seems awful to me. Keep it squirreled away from prying eyes. Keep it secret, baby. Let it grow in private.

marrije  { 1.3.02 @ 2:34am }

» Greg is an amazing talent and a very cool guy. I'm not much of a fiction reader, but I'm right there with him on this.

christopher  { 1.3.02 @ 12:44pm }

» I'm a cultural Lutheran with roots in the upper Midwest, so I sometimes forget that others do not share my immense capacity for guilt. I hope I don't tip you over the edge. On the other hand, Derek, your output has been making us all look like slackers for quite long enough, so fair is fair.

But yes: Getting Greg writing again is a bigger fringe benefit than I could have ever dreamed of.

Luke Seemann  { 1.3.02 @ 1:01pm }


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