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got work?

So today I just updated my resume for the first time since I created it in 1997. In all that time, I just never needed to.

Now, I do.

{ 1:48am }



» Derek,

I've "watched" you for a few years now and I never thought it would come to this. In fact, it shouldn't be happening.

And I believe that some great company out there is going to notice/remember your amazing talent and think to themselves, "Now why don't we have him on board yet?"

Believe me when I say my heart goes out to you, is with you, and I'm praying for you. :)

– Charlotte  { 1.8.02 @ 6:28am }

» Charlotte

He's unemployed, not dying. I'm sure a man as talented as you Derek wont be out of work for too long.

All the best.

– Stevie B  { 1.9.02 @ 1:49am }

» I've been unemployed for years, actually. I just called it "freelancing." ;-)

Derek M. Powazek  { 1.9.02 @ 11:05am }

» As soon as Hankins and I land some huge client, we'll come grovel for your skillz. Now it's just a matter of FINDING said client in this market. I'm assuming SF is as bad as DC with the saturation of tech workers.

But remember, unlike the rest of em, you are an Internet Rock Star.

john athayde  { 1.10.02 @ 7:37am }


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