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It took me less than two weeks to stump Apple support. I'm having an esoteric problem connecting to my iDisk. Nothing major, just annoying. When your OS has "connect to iDisk" as a global item in the interface, one would expect it to work. Unfortunately for me, it doesn't.

So I posted the problem to Apple's support discussions and found a couple people who'd experienced the same issue, but no answers. Then today I called support, and after 80 minutes and two tech support guys (both polite and helpful), they said they'd call me back in a few days. Heh.

Any other OSX folks out there unable to connect to their iDisk through the "go" menu?

{ 4:31pm }



» Derek, can you connect to other WEBDAV hosts from your machine? In other words, is the problem specific to Apple's iDisk service or a general problem with connecting via WebDAV in general? Trying to connect to another WebDAV host may at least help to narrow things down.

Robert Occhialini  { 6.3.02 @ 7:59pm }

» You might want to post this question over at also.

Brad  { 6.4.02 @ 8:26am }

» Update: The new 10.1.5 system update seems to have fixed the problem. Hurrah!

Derek  { 6.4.02 @ 10:52pm }

» Oo, I'll have to try that system update, Derek, because connecting to iTools has been the one fly in my otherwise lovely new iMac ointment.

Dinah  { 6.5.02 @ 2:48pm }


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