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AlterNet: Hail the Prada-Worshipping Queer

It's the sort of show that convinces me our entertainment industry makes us all victims of a sort of battered wife syndrome. We expect our television to debase us, empty us, and condescend to us. And, for the most part, we'll all be back for more.

At first glimpse, I couldn't have agreed more with this assessment of Bravo's new show, Queer Eye For the Straight Guy, where five gay men redesign some slobby straight guy's life. I mean, if it was a minyan of heebs going over a goy's finances, I'd be in the street with a picket sign. (And besides, boring!)

Then, the other night, I found myself in the park with the pups for the midnight walk. I bumped into two neighbors with their dogs. Both gay men, older gents, definitely not hipster club types, were discussing the show. And they loved it.

"But doesn't the stereotyping bug you?" I asked.

I can't remember their response verbatim, but the basic gist was: Who cares? It's a funny show. And they really are helping the hapless straight guy. So what's the harm?

I went home and created a season pass.

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Spread the word
It's coming!...
27 July 2003

Hey buddy, want an mp3?
After listening to a particularly frustrating show on "Online Music Piracy" on KQED this morning, I got to thinking about...
30 July 2003

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