Cleaning Done
Just a thought from 10 November 2003 about .

Here's what I learned about myself after three days of going through old boxes.

  • I am the king of all Pack Rats. Bow before me.
  • I only have photos of the exes I don't want to remember. And I have so many. (Photos, not exes.)
  • That box I packed when I went off to college in 1991? The one I dragged with me from the dorms, to the three different houses in Santa Cruz, to the five different apartments in San Francisco? There was nothing interesting in it.
  • I take way too many photos. If digital cameras hadn't come along, I would have died in an avalanche of photo paper in 2005.
  • Please tell me there are no photos of me wearing half the clothes I found in those boxes. Or, at least, tell me there are none within Google's reach.
  • I found at least three types of digital media that my present computer is unable to read.
  • If you wrote for the Fish Rap in college, and you handed me a floppy disk with your story on it, and I said I'd get it back to you, I lied.
  • It feels good to get rid of stuff, to shed your skin and start anew. But I probably should have stopped when that was still metaphorical. People keep staring at my naked chin.

This section is called Just a Thought. It's a blog where I post little pieces of what I'm thinking about at the moment. This page is an individual entry called “Cleaning Done” that I wrote on 10 November 2003.

Before this, I wrote a little something called “Cleaning Bugged” on 8 November 2003. After this, I wrote “Apple and Sony: Get a room!” on 12 November 2003.

Cleaning Bugged
It's now almost 48 hours after the cleaning bug hit and I've sold an old computer and two game consoles...
8 November 2003

Apple and Sony: Get a room!
I wish Apple and Sony would quit this mating dance and just get a room already. Both companies are all...
12 November 2003

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