I am so married
Just a thought from 20 July 2004 about .

me and h

Thanks to Robin Jean for the polaroid! See also: Matt's great photo of us cutting the cake.

This section is called Just a Thought. It's a blog where I post little pieces of what I'm thinking about at the moment. This page is an individual entry called “I am so married” that I wrote on 20 July 2004.

Before this, I wrote a little something called “Step Two is Today” on 18 July 2004. After this, I wrote “France in my pants” on 24 July 2004.

Step Two is Today
Originally sent to the POWlist on Tuesday, January 20, 2004. I used to have this joke, see. It went like...
18 July 2004

France in my pants
Greetings, friends and family, from Paris! Amsteram was a blur, as it tends to be. For a place where pot...
24 July 2004

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