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Lotsa Leias
Just a thought from 27 October 2004 about .

leia-1.jpgWHO: You, dressed as Princess Leia.
WHAT: Halloween in the Castro, San Francisco.
WHERE: Meet at the corner of Church and Market Streets at 7:45pm.
WHEN: Halloween night: Sunday, October 31, 2004.
WHY: Because you're our only hope.

Be there or be a scruffy-looking nerf herder.

UPDATE: It was a blast! Dig them Leias.

Fray Day is Now
Just a thought from 25 October 2004 about .

Fray Day 8Fray Day 8 began last weekend in Mesa, Arizona, and Los Angeles, California. Next up: Copenhagen, Denmark on Oct. 31 and Tucson, Arizona on Nov. 6. Events continue through November. If there's a Fray Day near you, don't miss it!

The San Francisco event is on schedule for Saturday, November 13 at The Swedish American Hall. I just uploaded a flyer and some images - grab one if you'd like to help us spread the word. And thanks!

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!
Just a thought from 22 October 2004 about , .

heart of coleHeather and I will have a booth at this Sunday's Heart of Cole Festival. We'll have lots of prints, calendars, cards, buttons, and stickers for sale. Look for us in front of the Cole Garage, next to the fabulous Superhero Designs. Rain or shine!

UPDATE: Heather and I are having an orgy of artistic preparation. The little Epson has been going for twelve hours, and there's little end in sight. Come see us tomorrow!

UPDATE AGAIN: Fair over. Was awesome. No rain. So tired.

UPDATE FOR THE LAST TIME: Here's what it looked like.

Just a thought from 16 October 2004 about .

I'm at DigiFoo. I am DigiFooing. And I am hung over from a killer Litquake party last night. So I can barely put two words together. Go look at Flickr photos instead. Caterina is blogging, too. I'm going to drink some water now.

UPDATE: I'm back! I've posted some photos.

Edwards Kerry for President
Just a thought from 5 October 2004 about .

Edwards Kerry: Putting our best foot forward

Show the world which John you want on top.

Dog Crazy!
Just a thought from 2 October 2004 about .

bugI love photographing dogs because they don't put on faces. They don't pretend to like you when they don't, they don't smile when they're really pissed, and they're not too cool to jump up and down when they're excited. And when they're happy, they're really, really happy. Can you think of a better photo subject?

I'm also blessed to live with two of the goofiest dogs around, and we live across the street from the neighborhood dog park. Combine that with a love of spontaneous photography, and, well, I have lots of photos of dogs. I've taken some of my favorites and made a few things. If you love dogs, too, you might like 'em.

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Lotsa Leias
27 October 2004

Fray Day is Now
25 October 2004

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!
22 October 2004

16 October 2004

Edwards Kerry for President
5 October 2004

Dog Crazy!
2 October 2004

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Lotsa Leias  27 October 2004

Fray Day is Now  25 October 2004

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!  22 October 2004

DigiFooing  16 October 2004

Edwards Kerry for President  5 October 2004

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