Merry Christmas from Fray
Just a thought from 25 December 2004 about , .

It's that time of year again. In the Xmas spirit? Enjoy these classic Fray stories:

Kathy's Annual Ladies Luncheon by Beth Lisick
"The funniest piece of mail I get arrives in the first week in December."

The Tree by yours truly
"I couldn't wait to see them brown and dry on the sidewalks. I was that way about Christmas."

Ho ho ho!

This section is called Just a Thought. It's a blog where I post little pieces of what I'm thinking about at the moment. This page is an individual entry called “Merry Christmas from Fray” that I wrote on 25 December 2004.

Before this, I wrote a little something called “Unfortunate” on 23 December 2004. After this, I wrote “Resolutions for 2005” on 28 December 2004.

Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events is fantastic. It's better acted, more beautifully stylized, more captivating storytelling, and just...
23 December 2004

Resolutions for 2005
Sell the car. Walk/Muni more. Launch the first issue of JPG Magazine and keep 'em coming. Quit smoking. Again....
28 December 2004

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