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I'm home in San Francisco, California where I belong.



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tuesday, december 5


I think I just need some rest.   + 6:25 PM


Someone sent me some stuff from my amazon wish list without revealing who they were. Was it you? Fess up! In any case, thank you mystery person!   + 6:22 PM

new in {fray}

"I liked the weird hours and underworld glamor, but the charm wore off that night." Jessica Webster was bait (with special appearance by guest designer Frank Kolodziej).   + 12:14 AM


friday, december 1


fray.com/is/without   + 3:02 PM


thursday, november 30

Wow.   + 3:27 PM


wednesday, november 29

Great writing today on TeeVee: "I'm positively smitten. In fact, I'm so full of smit, I'd watch an hour of her just buttering toast."

"Full of smit." I like that.   + 10:07 PM


tuesday, november 28

happy returns

Two of my favorite personal sites have been reborn, thanks in part to Blogger. Welcome back, Shmuel and Shauna. Nice to see you again.   + 8:43 PM

mom was right

Okay, mom. You were right. I should have learned to type in High School.

There. I said it.

You were right. Boy do I wish I'd learned to type, now that I'm spending every day pecking out a book with two fingers and a thumb for the space bar. You were right right right.

But you were wrong about the math. I never use that shit.   + 8:30 PM


saturday, november 25


Foggy San Francisco morning. Saturday morning cartoons. Bagles in the toaster, coffee in a mug. Eggs with green salsa. This American Life on the radio. Nowhere to go, not much to do.

Sometimes it feels like it all might really be okay.   + 12:59 PM


thursday, november 23

Happy thanksgiving.   + 10:48 AM

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