December 26, 2002

Quick week in review

Jon and I went to Jon and Laura's house on Saturday night. (Jon being my step-brother and Laura being his wife.) We met my Dad and Step-Mom there for a little Holiday get together. It was a total blast. Laura made the yummiest Lasagna and I made a Cookies and Cream Pie for dessert. Oh YEAH! We just hung out by the fire... opened some great gifts... and enjoyed each other's company.

From there, we drove down to Jon's parents house in San Diego. We were exhausted by the time we got there around 11:00 PM. We quickly loaded are stuff into the house, set up the bed, and crashed.

Sunday, we met some friends at Hennessey's (a bar in Carlsbad) to watch the Chargers get spanked! It was very sad... The food there was amazing though. I had this Scramble with eggs, potatoes, ranchero sauce, and veggies. The boys were drinking Bloody Marys while the girls were drinking coffee with Bailey's and Fuzzy Navels. We were all getting liquored up at 10:00 AM. It was pretty funny. Around noon, after we ate, the boys went outside to smoke cigars and sip on some B&B while the girls stayed insided to chat. There were four of us.... Rachel, who is engaged to Brad (Jon's best friend, Brad), Kari (who just got engaged to another friend of his, Jeff), Kim (who is singley single), and me. We exchaged hilarious stories about these boys and the ups and downs of our relationships. It was incredibly therapeutic.

From there, we headed to another bar where their good friend Dave works. Dave is the one who got married on the boat a few months ago. It was more of the same... drinking... playing Pac Man... and more girl talk while the guys talked about boy stuff. I cut way back on the drinking since I was driving.

And just when I thought we were done, we headed over to Dave and Rosey's to hang out some more eating and drinking. Dave and Rosey have the cutest little girl, Emery. I played with her all night... such a good girl... only nine months old! Right there and then, it made me want to have kids. I have known all along that I would have kids. Not any time soon, of course... but at some point.

We left Dave's around 10:00 PM. I was soooo pooped. It was a long day of eating, drinking, and socializing.

Monday, I did a bit of shopping by myself and then Jon's sister, Adrienne and I went to the mall to get our hair cut. A little over three hours later, we were beautified with highlights and new cuts. That evening, the whole family was out so Jon and I sat by the fire sipping B&B and reading.

Tuesday, we just chilled out.... made sandwiches for lunch... relaxed.... it was so nice. We met up with Jeff and Kari for dinner at Karl Strauss. Man, they have some great food. My meal was actually free because our waiter put in the wrong order so it came out late. I didn't care at all... I was just drinking my Fuzzy Navel and eating my salad... but whatever, if they wanted to give it to me for free, I wasn't going to object. Jon, Adrienne, and I went to Church that night for Midnight Mass. This was my fourth year going with his family. It has gotten a little less weird and uncomfortable every year. I know I am not forced to go.... I've always chosen to go. It is fun to watch his mom and dad in the choir too. It was a good time to take a moment to focus on thought and prayer, regardless of the surroundings being a Church or Temple.

Wednesday, I got up and ran around the neighborhood for a good 20 minutes. I was feeling so large from eating everything the past few days.... I've been going to the gym 4-5 days a week lately... and I haven't gone all week. My poor body. That morning we opened presents. I was so stoked. I got the first and second season of Buffy on DVD, the Beauty and the Beast DVD, AND the Felicity DVD's! I had a smile on my face all day! Jon's parents got us a knife set and a big set of wine glasses which was very nice. I can't wait to use them. That afternoon, my mom and Joel came over to have Christmas dinner with us. They came last year too and had a great time so they were invited back. A good time was had by all. My mom and Jon's mom have a lot in common. They immediately went into a different room to talk for an hour. It was pretty funny.

Jon and I drove back to Pasadena with all of our goodies last night. Somewhere around Orange County, we saw a shooting star. It was amazing! Absolutely took my breath away. It was a turqouise color and shot straight across the sky... almost in slow motion. I quickly made a wish...... I will let you know if it comes true!

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