August 06, 2004

Moving... two weeks from today

So... my apartment, that I have lived in for the last 8 months, is being demolished. Seriously. I was told that they weren't sure when it was going to happen... definitely by the end of the year... but that they would be sure to give us a month's notice. Whatever... I figure I'll make the first move rather than struggling to find a place within a month.

My best friend from NY, Derek, has been living on my couch for the last month. We found a place a week ago that we're moving into. It is such a great condo and is only 6 blocks up the street from where we are now. I have moving people coming on the 21st of this month to move all my crap. Packing started last night. Fun times.

Here are some things I will NOT miss from the current apartment:

1. No central air or heat. When I moved in last December, I was constantly freezing. I would put the 100 year old heater on but the smell of gas scared me and the nightmares of blowing up in the middle of the night made me turn it off. Now, it is 100 degrees out and the wall air conditioner, that is strategically located in the dining room, sure doesn't cool down my room at all.... it just wastes my money on the electric bill and cools down the living room (where Derek has been sleeping). Lucky guy.

2. The screaming lady next door. The woman next store has two kids who cry all the time... probably because she is constantly yelling at them. I'm so glad she is pregnant and bringing another life into this world. I don't think I've heard her say one kind thing to them... ever. She was screaming and belittling them so bad one night that I banged on the wall to let her know I could hear her and to shut it. I will not miss them one bit.

3. The old guy who hawks up a loud luggie (spelling?) every morning exactly at 6:30 AM. Seriously.

4. The alarm that goes off for about a minute every mornng at 5:45... 15 minutes before I have to get up. Of course, I have my windows open in my bedroom because it is so frickin hot so it sounds like the alarm is in my room. The guy downstairs is mentally retarded so I have to be patient but it literally takes him sometimes up to a minute to turn it off.

5. The guy across the way who plays guitar... plugged into an amp.... with his windows and door open... at all hours of the day and night. At first I enjoyed it because it was like having a live concert inside my apartment. And then it drove me absolutely wonky because it was like having a live concert inside my apartment.

6. Sharing one washer and one dryer with 15 adults and 5 children. Enough said.

7. Bizarre smells of middle eastern food and fried nastiness coming from downstairs... seeping into my cabinets and aromatizing my carpets and curtains. Aromatizing? Is that even a word?

These are the reasons I will not miss this apartment. :o)

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August 02, 2004

Comments suck

I'm going through my whole blog and taking comments privilidges away because I get 20 spam emails a day - incest, sex sex sex, boy porn, mother's and sons... seriously it is so gross. So... until it stops. No comments. If you want to say something... just email me. :)

I'll be posting more often... life changes going on. All good stuff though.

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July 03, 2004

4th of July Weekend

I have been waiting for this weekend for sooooo long. This week, for some reason, went super slow. I remember telling a client that we needed to do something before the weekend on Tuesday! ha ha ha

So, what is the plan for the weekend? Not quite sure yet. I know today, I'm going to get my ass out of bed and go to the mall. Yep, I need to find a dress for my brother's wedding which is quickly approaching. I've slowly been looking for one over the last few months but haven't found anything I like.

I also need to go grocery shopping, clean my house, and do laundry. I haven't really taken time for myself a whole bunch in the last few weeks so, I have got to get that stuff done.

I think tomorrow I'm going to head down to the beach for some sun and relaxation. That sounds good to me.

More later...

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June 04, 2004

LA Times review!

So cool... check this out:

Footloose fun in parody 'Lame!'

Self-referential glee punches through "Lame!" at Stages. Writer-director Rich Nathanson's garage-show assault on the dancing-for-your-life movie oeuvre of the 1980s is a rudely risible Tinseltown travesty.

Footloose hunklet Bacon Swayze (Doug Steves) dirty dances because of dead love Baby, her ashes stashed in an Oscar. Stuttering virgin Orson (Peter James Smith) seeks fame, hearkening after his acting idol, Greg Kinnear.

Flash-dancing Murray (Michelle Merring) flees her father, husband and Irene Cara complications, blank eyes wide open behind the welder's mask.

Their formulas congeal at the Los Angeles Music and Ego competition, which provides "Lame's" most surreal laughs. The unhinged cast exploits the title ethic through deliberately execrable songs and choreographers Evita Arce and Jenny Powazek's pseudo-Jeffrey Hornaday spasms, to cackling effect. Steves, Smith and Merring inhale Nathanson's goofball conceit, as do their colleagues in multiple roles. Running jokes include Tyler Tanner's emphatic celebrity encounters ("Yes. I am George Clooney."); Jackson Varady as the requisite scheming rival; and Juliette Storace's pixilated spirit of Baby. And the howling, femme-to-femme turns by Mauri Bernstein and Jenny Powazek carry all before them.

This is fortunate. Nathanson's sketch-show blackouts, obscure in-jokes and already dated industry gossip straddle a constant line between skewering mediocrity and succumbing to mediocrity. Some bits are strictly barroom fodder.

Though the basement-budget tech tries, particularly Aaron Francis' resourceful lighting, its execution does not exactly crackle. Yet despite (or because of) the gamely threadbare trappings and gamy tabloid tactics, "Lame!" is a raucous guilty pleasure like the genre it trashes. Mary-Kate and Ashley, beware.

I play Ashley, of course. COME SEE IT! Only four weeks left. :o)

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May 24, 2004


The opening of the show was amazing! And... the second show was even better! I am so excited... we had a bunch of critics there too... LA Weekly, NPR, LA Times, Backstage, and Daily Variety... plus a few others. The reviews come out this week! I hope they are positive.


I even got a ton of sleep this weekend. Thank goodness. I was starting to get seriously burned out. Now, I just need to get through this week and then I'll have 4 days off!

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