December 28, 2002

Saturday mornings at work

I just had a client call up at 7:15 screaming at me. Is that totally necessary on a Saturday morning? Especially it being the last weekend of 2002, the weekend between Christmas and New Year's, and before I've had my first cup of coffee. Jeesh.... Aren't people supposed to be kind and giving this time of year? Of course, this guy did a valid problem... but there is no reason to be screaming at me. I was trying to help him. Grrrrrr......

So, problem resolved. He sounded a bit more happy by the end of the half hour conversation. Whatever.... he still wants a call from the manager on Monday so he can bitch some more. I think sometimes clients call up to complain because they have no one else to talk to... no one else who will listen.

Anyhoo- I took the most kick ass Cardio class last night at the gym. This instructor was definitely on crack or something because she went nuts for the entire hour. It was so great... I kept thinking about all the crap I ate all week... brie and crackers, Yorkshire pudding, Gingerbread cake, homemade guacamole and chips, and plenty of alcohol. I super indulged this last week. So, back on my gym schedule I go. I must admit, I'm feeling a bit sore this morning.

Posted by Jenny at December 28, 2002 07:58 AM