January 17, 2003

Dreams of Little Red Riding Hood

I woke up this morning after having thee weirdest dream. I dreamt that there was a production going on of Into the Woods at a local theatre. It kind of looked like the Candelight Pavilion in my hometown, Claremont. I was suddenly put into the role of Little Red....however, I hadn't been originally cast as Little Red. In fact, I hadn't been cast at all. Something had happened to the girl who played Little Red and they had called me in to do it.

The whole cast was at some restaurant... sort of like Coco's... just eating and chatting. I was uneasy because I didn't know when we would rehearse. I was getting the feeling that they thought I had done the role before, which I haven't. I was getting more and more nervous and uncomfortable. It also seemed that I had just shown up there without any idea of what was going to happen. I didn't have any make-up, nylons, shoes, etc. I think I had no idea that I was going on that night!

Next thing I know, it is time to leave the restaurant and head to the theatre. We get back stage and they are having a dessert contest. Seriously, there are a bunch of people working on these exquisit desserts. There are all of these tables set up... I see Jon and run over to him. Inside my head, I am screaming about how I haven't been given any blocking or choreography or tried on my costume or anything.... but nothing is coming out of my mouth. He does some voi-la move and presents this oreo ice cream dessert thing.... everyone oooh's and aaaah's and applauds. I keep looking around the room.... very confused.

The whole group moves into the dressing room... so I follow them. I find my costume and tights... which are like a size C (and I'm a size A)... they are huge! So, I'm folding them over at the waist but they are still sagging on my legs... the shoes are too big... everything seems to be going wrong.... and no one is helping me. I am putting on make-up that I have borrowed from someone else but I am doing it wrong. I'm putting the lip liner on my eyes, etc. I keep getting more and more frustrated.

Finally, I say something to the cast like "hey, how about showing me some of the choreography... how am I going to know where to go and when". Suddenly, it hits me that I haven't sung Little Red's songs since I auditioned for the Broadway company two years ago (seriously). So, I start running through the words in my head, not worrying about the blocking. One of the ladies in the cast, a big fat lady (I have no idea who she was or what she was playing) told me that they will just lead me around and push me where I need to go. I look at her like "Are you frickin kidding me?"

Right then, they announce "5 minutes until places".

That's when my alarm went off....

Hmmm..... sounds like an overwhelmed, anxiety dream to me. What do you think?

Posted by Jenny at January 17, 2003 08:43 AM

hey. strangest (and coolest) blog entry i've stumbled into today.

wonderful dream, reminds me of similar ones that i've had at different points in my career.

interesting that the theatre divided itself into the frou-frou dessert contest and the deeper reality of the show that's about to happen. well, that's broadway for you, eh? also great to see that despite the stumbling around and the clothes not fitting exactly right, you found a guide who promised that you'd be helped through.

(even if her promises weren't exactly confidence-inspiring :)

bon voyage!


Posted by: goethe on January 17, 2003 04:08 PM

Lay off the protein before bedtime!
(of course, better to have that in your dreams than your waking life, no?)

Posted by: James on January 18, 2003 09:57 AM
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