February 13, 2003

I'm leaving on a jet plane

I have been super busy this week with no time to write at all. I've been trying to get things done because we are heading out of town tonight!! In three hours, we are boarding a plane bound for Sacramento. We are staying one night with Jon's best friend, Brad, and his fiance, Rachel. There, we will be joined by another couple (friends of ours, Jeff and Kari). Tonight- party time.

Tomorrow morning, we are heading to Grants Pass, Oregon. Jon's family has a house out there that was his Grandpa's. When his Grandpa passed away, he left it to Jon's dad. So, the three couples are driving up there with lots of DVDs, board games, Valentine treats, and TONS of alcohol. It is probably going to be raining a whole lot but we were planning on it being a relaxing weekend anyway.

I am SO looking forward to getting out of dodge for a while. Work has been so chaotic lately. A break is much needed. I'll be back Monday night... but won't be back to work until Wednesday. I think a day of recooping will be necessary.

I'm really excited about this trip. I'm not so excited about flying as I am terrified of it... but at least it will only be an hour flight.

Ok- have a great weekend and Happy Valentine's day!

Posted by Jenny at February 13, 2003 02:01 PM