March 03, 2003

A day of remembrance...

I went to work this morning, like a normal Monday, but I ended up leaving two hours later. We got a call this weekend that one of Jon's Aunts passed away. She wasn't really his Aunt, actually a cousin.... but he called her Aunt Patty. That's how my Uncle Jack is. He's not my "real" Uncle, but for some reason, we always call him Uncle Jack.

Patty and Bill were Jon's dad's cousins. They always sent Jon $15 for Christmas and were a strong support for Jon's dad when he was growing up. Apparently, Aunt Patty had been sick for some time.....she was around 70 years old. She had died on the way to the hospital last week from congestive heart failure.

I never met Aunt Patty but wanted to go with Jon today to the funeral in Riverside to be supportive to his family. My boss was totally cool and said I could make up the time this week so I didn't have to take a vacation day. I was so appreciative of her understanding.

There was a short ceremony at the gravesite and then a longer ceremony/service at the Church. Even though I am not Christian and did not know the hymns everyone was singing, I sat there and thought about those important to me that I have lost. I thought about my grandma Gert that who died while I was in New York. I thought about my grandpa Ben that died almost 6 years ago (although it feels like just last year). I thought about friends that died.... my friend Kelly, that died of AIDS when I was 16.... and my friend Kim, that died in a car accident from a drunk driver. I started to think about all of the things that I get cranky about ...... when I have so much to be thankful for.

After the service, I met some of Jon's family that I hadn't met before. That was really cool. Then, Jon's parents took us to the Spunky Steer restaurant in Riverside for some food. Jon and his Dad caught up on a bunch of stuff while his Mom and I dove into religion. I asked her how she felt about different things.... reincarnation, symbolism, etc. We talked about similarities between Judaism and Episcopalians. I mean, seriously.... there is one big difference, but when you look at the basics and morals and values... it's all the same. We had some good food, good conversation, and good hugs... then we hit the road to get back to Pasadena.

I know it sounds cheesy, but hug those you love... and tell them how you feel about them. You just never know....

Posted by Jenny at March 3, 2003 04:59 PM