August 22, 2003

I feel lucky, oh so lucky....

I've been feeling pretty lucky these days.

Lucky = Got a promotion!

Lucky = Found an amazing jacket at Ross

Lucky = Free tickets to Pat Benetar

Lucky = Going to the bathroom after 3 cups of coffee and having it to yourself.

Posted by Jenny at August 22, 2003 03:09 PM

Right on!

Posted by: Keith on August 23, 2003 12:06 PM

maybe, it is your turn to experience the
positive side of this mysterious ride of life... other words GREAT!

Posted by: dad on August 25, 2003 07:00 PM

Dear Jenn,

Congratulations! We're really excited for you. You deserve it; you've worked really hard. Way to go!

Posted by: Leslie on August 26, 2003 08:58 AM
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