November 07, 2003

Friendship is rare..

I've been feeling kind of strange lately about my friends... or friendship in general I guess. It's weird, I was SO close with my LA friends when I lived in NY. We talked at least once a week. I missed them so much and couldn't wait to move back to spend more time together. So, I move back to LA and barely get to see those friends. I actually end up talking more to my NY friends. Now, I'm going back to NY for a week and couldn't be more excited. I guess distance makes the heart grow fonder or something like that.

Granted, their are major life changes happening like most of us having "real" jobs now that we are really busy with or boyfriends/girlfriends or family drama..... lots of stuff going on... but friendship has always been a huge part of my life. You have to make time to keep in touch and nurture the relationship. Otherwise, you are basing your friendship on all the history you've shared together rather than where you are in your life now and current experiences you continue to share.

I don't know .... I'm just pensive about it all. I miss those crazy times that we used to have. Is this just how things will be moving forward? Does friendship fall into third place... below the boyfriend/husband/girlfriend/wife and the family on the priority list?

Poo nuggets on getting older!

Posted by Jenny at November 7, 2003 08:41 AM

Hate to say it, but yeah, in my experience those friendships you had when you were all still single do fade, or evolve into something different, once you find significant others. Kinda sucks, really, even if you do the couples-hanging-out-together thing it's just not the same...

Posted by: Mila on November 8, 2003 11:00 PM
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