November 18, 2003

Back to LA tomorrow

I have had thee best time here in NY. Do I want to move back here? Absolutely not... but it sure has been fun spending time with people that I care about.

Sunday night, Derek picked me up (he is a rare New Yorker that actually owns a car!) and took me to his place up in the Bronx. We watched the American Music Awards, played with his adorable puppy, Ernie, and caught up until about 1:00 in the morning. I spent the night there on his comfy fold out sofabed. In the morning, we had some breakfast, watched some cartoons, and headed into the city. I had to be back in Astoria by 4:00 for our manicures and Derek had to be over at the Actor's Connection to work. So, we took the train in together and went to one of my favorite places to eat, Cosi's. We don't have those over on the West coast. They have totally yummy salads and sandwiches. We munched for a while and then went our separate ways. It was so good to catch up with him. It sounds like he is in a really good place these days.

The plan was for Tiffany and I to get our nails done and then hit one of my favorite Greek restaurants in Astoria called Mezzo Mezzo.... but I was so tired that after our nails were done, I needed a nap. Also, I have been eating and drinking like crazy here so my stomach has not been so happy with me. Since Tiff needed to go to the grocery store, I said I would go home to take a short nap and we could go out around 7:00. She said she would pick me up some Mylanta for my tummy ache.

An hour later, I woke up from a much needed nap, and Tiff handed me a bottle of what I thought was Antacid. I took a sip of it and thought it tasted funny... so I looked at the label and it said Milk of Magnesia laxative! Holy SHIT. I totally drank some laxative. We had a good laugh on that one. On our way to Mezzo Mezzo later, I stopped in the Eckerts to pick up some Maalox stuff.

Dinner was so good.... hummus and fresh bread and pitas... a bottle of Pinot Grigio split between the two of us... and some swordfish kabobs. Ok.... yum! We really didn't stay out too late because she had to work early in the morning. We came home, listened to some music, hung out a bit... and then I packed my suitcase and went to bed. Unfortunately, not everything fit in my suitcase so I had to borrow a duffle bag from David today! ha ha ha.

This morning, my stomach hurt so bad.... I spent about a half hour in the bathroom. I think the laxative totally screwed me up! I can't believe I drank some of it... too funny.

Today, I hung out with David a bit at his house and then went over to Andrea's. We were going to go out for coffee but I didn't think my stomach would like that so we ended up getting some smoothies at a new place in the hood called Igloo. They were really good.....

Now, just chillin out, getting ready to go see the musical Wicked tonight. I am so super excited. I couldn't get a ticket at first and called everyone and their mother who knew someone in the cast. No one had tickets... so I thought I would try Ticketmaster one more time last night and they released some more seats! YAY! So, I am seeing that at 7:00 PM and then getting together with my friend, Noelle for a drink. I can't wait. Right now... I'm just going to finish packing, call the car service to pick me up at 5:15 in the morning, and get ready to go into the city for the last time of this trip.

It truly has been a wonderful trip... seeing all these people that I was so close to 10 years ago.. and still so close to now. I got to mourn the World Trade Center, see my friends from Merrill, go shopping, see two Broadway shows, have many great dinners and lots-o-drinks, and go Karaoking! Not bad, eh? The only thing this trip missed was seeing my good friend, Jon Stewart. He is in St. Thomas working on a cruise ship show last minute. He was supposed to be here but then he got work like last week. Hey, if I were wanting to work and was offered that, I would take it as well. I am just bummed that I didn't get to spend some time with him. Otherwise, this trip has been absolutely amazing.

I am so ready to sleep in my own bed though... and give Jon a great big hug!

Posted by Jenny at November 18, 2003 01:12 PM