December 17, 2003

Rollin along

What I've accomplished this week:

1. Succesfully finished jury duty for the year! I had to serve three days of total boredom while they started to select the jury and then ended up settling.

2. Found an apartment I like, put the deposit and first month's rent down, got the keys, and started moving stuff in.

3. Turned on the gas and electricity at the new place.

4. Changed my address online and made sure the address for my magazines got changed.

5. Had my performance review and got a nice raise!

6. Found a fridgerator, cleaned it out, and moved it to a neighbor's garage at the new place. It was raining so we couldn't get it up the stairs safely. Will try again this weekend.

7. Went shopping with mom for apartment stuff (towels, bath mat, shelf lining, etc.)

8. Survivied the company holiday party without breaking down or getting too drunk.

9. Have continued going to the gym and taking my dance classes even though I've had NO energy.

10. Did a good job at remaining positive about this life change and about moving.

Posted by Jenny at December 17, 2003 11:07 AM